Dismantling Racism Toolkit: Activities for Parents and Kids

Research shows that even very young children develop racial awareness and bias. Here are some activities that caretakers and kids can do together to start discussions about celebrating diversity, etc.

8 Easy Anti-Bias Activities for Your Home & Classroom

This post by Carrotsareorange.com shares ideas from Stacey York’s anti-bias curriculum book, “Roots and Wings.” Ideas include looking at pictures of people from around the world and asking questions about them, talking about and celebrating different types of hair and watching this Sesame Street clip called “I Love My Hair,” etc. Activities are geared toward younger children.

Activities that Promote Racial and Cultural Awareness

by Barbara Biles, M.Ed.. This article, published on pbs.org, discusses how kids of varying ages develop attitudes about race. It also provides activity suggestions for preschoolers and school-aged children. For example, discussing proverbs and traditions with older children, and using nylon knee-high stockings in varying shades to start a discussion about skin color.

Fun Activities for Anti-Bias Education

A Webinar by Teaching Tolerance: “Are you looking for fun and creative ways to engage your students in anti-bias learning? This webinar will feature entertaining team-building activities you can use in your classroom tomorrow. Created in partnership with The Origins Program using the Developmental Designs approach, these exercises not only break down social barriers; they also improve classroom climate. Help students learn the meaning and value of Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action, the four domains of the Teaching Tolerance Anti-bias Framework. Find out how to implement these activities in your classroom with this exciting webinar!”

Philbrook Museum: “From the Limitations of Now”

Philbrook Museum’s exhibition, “From the Limitations of Now,” can spark conversations between parents and children about the history of racism in America and how to build a better future. Plus, the museum will be hosting special activities throughout the exhibitions duration (March 14-September 5, 2021.)

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