Welcome to my year-end wrap-up article. There are lots of people to thank and memories to smile about. But first I want to direct you to the article on things to do in our area for little ones and adults to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It’s said every year and I pray this year we have zero drunk driving accidents. Of course, the best way to assure that is if/when you go out you either have a designated driver or have your Uber, Lyft or American Yellow Checker cab plans ready!

Here is the article on fun things to do:  Ways to Celebrate the New Year in Tulsa – TulsaKids Magazine

“You didn’t have to love me like you did, 
but you did, but you did. 
And I thank you.”  

David Porter/Isaac Hayes/ZZ Top, 1979.

To Betty Casey, editor of TulsaKids Magazine. You’ve been a friend for so long and in my hour of need, you gave. You believed in me enough to allow me this platform so I could further my help with non-profits of Tulsa. I know how much this magazine means to you and that you are passionate enough to pour your blood, sweat, and tears into meeting deadlines with the utmost professionalism and highest quality of journalism. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s your mission to provide Tulsa families with fun and informational content so they may better their lives. And for you to trust me enough to give me 700 words a week as part of your incredible team of writers, with all my heart I say: And, I thank you. 

To Tara Rittler, I fell in love with your cute, quirky, videos on TulsaKids’ social media so much that I just had to have you sing your song live on six of our iHeartMedia radio stations on Hot Topic, remember? You are a total Ukulele Rockstar! I can’t find the words in all the dictionaries and Google searches in the world to express my gratitude for putting up with my last-minute article submissions. To edit and polish up my random thoughts to look so professional is a true work of art. And, I thank you.

To Debbie Talley, Brandi Moore, and all who bring this magazine to life so that the rest of us parents who are good at pretending to know what we are doing, actually do it. And, I thank you.

And to you the reader, every week I write with you in mind. I think about you and how your family is doing and how can I bring insights from my crazy rock ‘n roll world to you to help you with yours. You are not alone. I have felt that way many times and I’m sure you do to. Raising kids is HARD! It’s OK to fail. We all do at times but let’s stick together and with help from us all this “village” of Tulsa, we’ll get through this. And, I thank you.

Iheart Media 2018 3

Betty Casey and Tara Rittler visit Lynn at iHeartMedia in May 2018…

Iheart Radio 2018 Iheart Radio 2018 2

…and again in December 2018!

To all the non-profits and small businesses, I have featured along the way. 2022 will be much better, I promise! So, please don’t stop reaching out to me. If you own a small business and need help to get through this pandemic, email me, and perhaps,we can do a Facebook Live video on my podcast, “Tulsa Rocks.” And, I thank you.

To all my Lyft passengers, fellow Amazonians, and new Motley Crue at 103.3 The Eagle, sponsors of my video-podcast Tulsa Rocks, this wild rollercoaster ride has only just begun, and believe me, I see a couple of exhilarating, heart-stopping corkscrews, loop-de-loops, and steep drops off coming our way in 2022, so hold on!!! And, I thank you.

And now, to some super fun news that I just found out about this morning, I will be writing my TulsaKids Dads Rock article from the beaches of Key West, Florida, the weekend of January 14th and 15th. Yep, I’ll be amongst rock stars and sunbathers at the first annual ROKIsland Festival. There are still tickets available if you want to get out of this Tulsa winter and enjoy the beaches of Key West. 

PS, it’s supposed to be 12 degrees in Tulsa tomorrow. In Key West, it will be 80.

Rokisland Fest Poster 123121

Dads Rock Cheers Pin

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