Cyanna Holland: Dancer, Actor and Future Skydiver

Local organization Lead Learn Live helps Oklahoma students with special needs achieve their dream of going to college.

With a contagious smile and positive attitude, Jenks High School junior Cyanna Holland is making a leap for college. With dreams of dance, acting and the full college life experience, there is no stopping Cyanna. A local organization, Lead Learn Live ( is committed to bringing a successful college experience to Oklahoma students like Cyanna who live with special needs, yet aspire to fulfill their dream of going to college.

TK: What is Lead Learn Live?

Cyanna: Lead Learn Live is a group working to start a special needs college program in Oklahoma. And I really hope Lead Learn Live is successful, so I can go to college.

TK: You have Down syndrome. What is it like to be a young person with a disability?

Cyanna: I don’t see myself as different, but it does limit my choices sometimes like colleges.

TK: What are some challenges you have had to face?

Cyanna: Having muscle and ligament issues that make walking around a big campus like Jenks or a college difficult.

TK: What is something positive that has come out of living with Down syndrome?

Cyanna: Something positive from Down syndrome is I’ve met lots and lots of people in Jenks, Tulsa and all over the United States because of it. I’ve been able to show having Down syndrome is not a bad thing because I’m an awesome person!

TK: What college are you planning to attend?

Cyanna: I have not decided yet, but am looking in Missouri and Kansas but would like to stay in Oklahoma.

TK: What are your plans and goals for the future?

Cyanna: I have lots of plans for my future. I want to work in theatre. I am so open to work in other things as I go to college.

TK: Who inspires you?

Cyanna: I am inspired by my friends; they make me happy every day.

TK: What do you like to do for fun?

Cyanna: I like to dance at Miss Shelly’s, bowling, singing, acting and just hanging out with my friends. I’ve danced for 12 years at Miss Shelly’s. I’m a Special Olympics athlete for 13 years!

TK: What is your favorite local restaurant?

Cyanna: Gaetanos!!

TK: A fun fact about yourself?

Cyanna: I made 20 skydives in my mom’s belly, and I want to do it again!

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