Confessions of a Work-at-Home Mom: I Hereby Resolve

There’s only a few days left of 2010 and you know what that means – time to make short-lived, unrealistic promises to ourselves! Here’s my set of work-at-home mom resolutions for the year to come.

I resolve to allow my desk to be messy. There are more important things in life and in business than knowing what the top of my workspace looks like. Plus, mystery adds intrigue. I like intrigue.

I resolve to make less soup . Every work-at-home mom loves to make soup – it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s set it, forget it. But no one wants to interface with someone who seeps soup smell from her pores. It’s bad for business.

I resolve to buy more business cards . Because my Big Jerk Alarm goes off when I try to be cool and tell potential clients and colleagues to just Google me instead of telling them that all of my business cards are at home covered in Jumbo Crayola.

I resolve to answer more e-mail . Even the asinine ones like, “Hi, do you have a post on [insert huge, obvious holiday here] things to do in Tulsa?” and “Have you ever thought about making a page for your blog on The Facebook?”

I resolve to wear naughty undies under my work-at-home mom clothes one day each week . Because really, what could it hurt?

I resolve to buy a case for my cell phone that’s any color besides black . Because a businesswoman should never have a cell phone case that’s the same color as the inside of her purse – at least, not unless she wants to dump the contents of said purse on the kitchen floor in hot pursuit every time she needs to answer a phone call.

I resolve to escape to a professional conference this year . Mostly because Mama needs some new swag. Well, there’s that, plus I’d probably get to sleep in past 6 a.m.

I resolve to buy stock in Duracell . Because there’s nothing like a fully charged Thomas the Train or Tickle Me Elmo to buy Mama a few minutes for a quick meeting, cup of coffee or a coat of paint on the ol’ toenails.

I resolve to send myself on a business retreat . Because a businessperson can only do so much creative, long-range thinking with oven mitts on both hands, an earpiece in her right ear, a toddler wrapped around her ankles and a margarita still in the blender.

Do you work from home? What are your resolutions for 2011?

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