Cloth diaper demonstration series: Part 3

(I know I went from Part 1 to Part 3, but for some reason, I can’t get my second video to upload. I’ll keep trying, but, in the meantime, here’s video No. 3.)

These are some of my favorite diapers, made by Imse Vimse (which means “itsy bitsy” in Swedish). Imse Vimse makes covers and pre-folds, but it also makes these wonderful all-in-one diapers, along with a number of cloth diapering accessories, including some flushable liners (that I forgot to show you on the video) that make cleaning up soiled diapers super easy.

These diapers retail for $23.50, which is on the high side, but they’re organic cotton and fit like a glove. I bought mine second-hand on Craig’s List, and I got 15 for $100. Initially, I only wanted to buy four, but when I got them home, I loved them so much that I went back and bought them all.

Here’s the size chart for the Imse Vimse all-in-ones:

0–1 months
6.5–13 lbs.

1–3 months
11–17 lbs.

3–6 months
15–22 lbs.

6–15 months
20–26 lbs.

Extra Large
15–24 months
24–31 lbs.

Super Large
24+ months
28+ lbs.

You can buy these diapers from the company’s website, or you can putter around eBay, Craig’s List or Amazon for a good deal.

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