Babywearing 101: Part 2

How to wear a mei tai carrier

I‘ve been wearing Benjamin in a mei tai all summer. Many wraps and slings are African-inspired, but the mei tai is Asian-inspired. It’s simple and utilitarian, and you can carry baby in front, back and on your hip. In this video, Nicole demonstrates how she carries Umbria in front.

Mei Tai Baby and BabyHawk are popular mei tai brands, but you can also find WAHMs who make and sell them at a lower cost. I bought my BabyHawk from a woman on Craig’s List for about $50, and I love it. (I scour Craig’s List on a regular basis and usually find what I’m looking for — cloth diapers, slings, wooden toys, etc. — cheap and nearby. I highly recommend.)

Before the video, a note on crying: Most babies really enjoy being worn, but it can take some time for both baby and mom (or dad; the mei tai, for example, is one-size, so it can be worn by either parent) to get used to a sling or carrier. If your baby fusses the first time you try to wear him, walk around the house a little bit, once you get him in the carrier, and see if he calms down. If he doesn’t, and he’s obviously bothered by the sling, take him out and put the sling away — but not forever. Try again the next day or a few days later. It make take a couple of tries before baby gets comfortable in the sling. Or, you might try a different carrier. Different babies enjoy different carriers. Isaac loved the pouch sling, and Ben’s super comfortable in the Moby wrap. It might take a coupe of tries for you to find something you like as well. The point is, pay attention to your baby and don’t force him into something he hates, BUT don’t give up on baby wearing because of one crying incident.

Here’s the video. Hope you enjoy! Next, my friend Alicia demonstrates the ring and pouch slings.


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