Cloth diaper demonstration series: Part 1

When Natural Lullabies and Eco Baby + Kids were open, they not only sold cloth diapers, but they also provided really wonderful cloth diaper demonstrations that allowed moms and dads to discover how easy and beneficial cloth diapering is and that also helped them determine which diapers they might like best.

Now that there’s no place in Tulsa to buy cloth diapers, parents have to search the Web and make their purchasing decisions based on pictures they see and reviews they read. So my friend Nicole and I, along with her husband Bryce and daughter Umbria and my son Benjamin, decided to make this series of demonstration videos that I hope will be helpful to moms considering cloth diapers. (You could probably search YouTube for similar, but more professional, videos, but they wouldn’t be as fun as these!)

Our first video [Editor’s Note: no longer available] featured Nicole demonstrating how to use Bummis wraps with pre-fold inserts. This type of diapering system is probably your least expensive option, and it’s super easy to use. Bummis certainly isn’t the only brand of pre-folds and covers, but it’s the one Nicole uses. Enjoy!

Nicole said she likes the fact that you can reuse a cover without washing it as long as it isn’t soiled or too saturated. She also asked me to remind you, when you remove the diaper, to seal the Velcro laundry tabs so they don’t get worn out in the wash.

Here’s a size chart for the Bummis diapers:

Newborn: 6-10 lbs
Small: 8-17 lbs
Medium: 16-30 lbs
Large: 30 lbs and up

You can find other information, like prices, at If this is a diaper you think you’d like to use, but you want to check out other brands, Google is a good place to start. For those sew savvy moms, you can even find patterns and instructions on how to make your own diapers.

Check back tomorrow for a new installment in the series.

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