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Jumping Into Summer

As we welcome in summer this weekend, man do we have a lot to think about as parents, am I right? Not only is it a proud, yet somber, weekend to think about Memorial Day and what it stands for, but now, as we get ready for our kids being out of school, I can’t help but feel almost guilty that I am able to enjoy time with my children when there are so many in Uvalde, Texas, that can’t.

For parents, life can be so hectic that it’s easy to forget that our time is short and life is fragile. When we hear news like we all heard a few days ago, a shiver pierces down our spine that you just can’t fight. I was at work at Amazon on my break when I got the news and felt a panic that I hadn’t felt before.

I just prayed and trusted a higher power that my kids were OK where they were, and I went back to work. But this helpless feeling is still with me and perhaps you, especially if you have an eight year old as I do. I sent a Tweet yesterday:

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Please do not read this as if I’m preaching because it’s not meant like that. I sadly wrote that, in part, to myself.

Whenever a sad, senseless tragedy like this happens, the best way to over come the helpless feeling is to do something! Whether it’s something political or simply donating blood, doing something can help yourself cope with the tragedy but, most importantly, help others and show the world that these children and teachers do not have to die in vain.

There are several GoFundMe accounts set up for the victims and Robb Elementary that you can contribute to, of which my Tulsa Podcast will, but Betty Casey also has a great article about “taking action”: tulsakids.com/turning-grief-into-action/

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Summer is beginning, and my son “Graduated” from the sixth grade, so his school has an awesome send-off. It’s called a class out where all the younger grades line the hallways and clap and go nuts as the sixth graders walk through the halls and out the doors for the last time at their elementary school. They also arranged Tulsa Fire Department to be there to hose them down and sort of “christen” them as they transition to a new grade, school, and HUGE new chapter in their lives! Do you remember Jr. High? I shiver thinking about it. Both awesome and horrible for me.

The kids had a blast, and you could tell the firefighters did, too!


I always love hearing from you and seeing pictures of you and your family enjoying life.

How are you remembering our fallen soldiers? What are you doing to jump into summer of 2022?

Tonight, I am going to River Spirit Casino to rock out with Starship, tomorrow riding the wave pool at the opening day of Safari Joes H2O, and Sunday we are going to the Drillers game at ONEOK Field to watch the huge fireworks show honoring our fallen soldiers for Memorial Day.

Here are links if you want to join me!




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