Callister is Signed up For the Summer Reading Program, Are You?


The theme for this year’s program is A Universe of Stories

Five, four, three, two, one and blast off for the summer reading program! The Tulsa Library reading program started yesterday, May 28, and ends August 3. I sign up for the adult summer reading program every year, and this will be my grandson’s second year to take on the challenge. We signed up at our favorite library, Schusterman-Benson, and they had fun activities to celebrate the kickoff. Each library has their own kickoff, so check the schedule to see when your neighborhood library has their kickoff event or drop by anytime the library is open and sign up. Why should you participate? Here are a few good reasons.

1. It’s free! Despite my 60-plus years of being an avid library fan, I am still somewhat amazed at the fact they let me borrow all these books for absolutely nothing. Ok, maybe a few late fines when I inevitably lose a book behind the nightstand and return it a week late, but it’s still a fabulous deal!

2. There are prizes involved! When you sign up, you receive a book log, and if you read the required number of books and make the necessary library visits, you can turn in your book log at the end of the summer and receive age-appropriate prizes!

Record the books read and get a sticker for each library visit. There are two award levels; you decide which you want to aim for this summer

3. Reading makes you stronger, smarter, richer, and better looking. I don’t have the scientific data to back that up, but I don’t think anyone has the scientific data to prove otherwise. There is hard evidence that children who are read to on a regular basis do perform better at school.

4. The library is a cool (literally) place to hang out in the summer. In the air-conditioned atmosphere of the library you can read great books and take part in many of the exciting programs they have to offer kids and adults! Weekly storytimes are a great supplement to your own reading at home.

Callister always looks forward to a trip to the library and a visit with his favorite librarian, Joy Carr, storytime leader extraordinaire!

5. You’re never too young and never too old for the library’s reading program! There is a program for birth through pre-k, one for children in kindergarten through fifth grade, one for sixth through twelfth grade and one for adults.

6. There will be lots of special events for summer readers! Click here to find out more about what’s going on at the library this summer!

7. On August 3rd there will be a Library Summer Readers Night with the Drillers! Everyone that completes the summer reading program will receive a ticket for free admission for that game!

8. You might get a chance to meet Buddy, the library mascot!

Buddy often makes an appearance at library events; kids love to meet the mascot!

The summer reading program at the Tulsa City-County libraries is going to be “out of this world” fantastic. Children birth through fifth grade may go to any library or bookmobile and get signed up and begin reading! Teens and adults may register for the reading program at the library or online. Happy reading!

This was my grandson proudly showing off his completed reading log at the end of the summer reading program last summer. He hopes to repeat his accomplishment.

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