Amazing Moms!

Learn about some of the amazing moms in the Tulsa area

To honor local moms for Mother’s Day, we invited readers to nominate a deserving mom to be featured in TulsaKids. Nominees were voted on, and we are featuring the top five amazing women.

1. Vicki Connell

Nominated by Ashley W.: “My mom, Vicki Connell, has always been the best mother and friend I could hope for. She is now a full-time “Gigi” to my 1-year-old twins, Sadie and Sawyer. My husband and I work full time, and since my maternity leave ended, she has been at our house every day to care for our babies. She gives them her full heart while keeping them happy, teaching them new songs and games and taking them on adventures on nice days. Anyone that has multiples is aware of the challenges that two babies at one time bring. She has been with us since the day they were born. My mom deserves every award out there, but most importantly she deserves to know how much we appreciate her. She goes above and beyond every day to help us keep our home and our babies as happy as can be. She is my hero, and I would love for the city of Tulsa to know how special she is!”

2. Lisa Fenimore

Nominated by Nate F.: “Lisa is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She’s a loving wife, a mom of three, and a cancer survivor.  Lisa has made it her personal mission to help people find joy and faith through the ups and downs of life. She shares encouragement on a regular basis and loves to make people laugh. Her kids are never lacking an adventure, a fun educational experience, or a warm hug.  Lisa looks at every day as a miracle and inspires people to live their lives to the fullest, with a heart full of happiness. I am so grateful to have her in my life and I know our children are growing up to be the best versions of themselves because of Lisa.”

3. Katie Holt

Nominated by Melissa H.: “I have known Katie for four years. She is amazing for sure! First and foremost, she is the mom of five – yes, five – children, and she homeschools them. She is currently on the board of her homeschool co-op, while juggling her duties to educate her children. The reason I met her was that Katie started a moms support group here in Tulsa, called moms4moms. I have been there since the first meeting, and I knew she was special. She organizes monthly meet ups, moms’ nights out, and special yearly functions, including a toy swap around Christmas, clothing swaps for spring and fall, and weekend getaways for mommas. We also meet at “The Merchant,” a homeless ministry, which was all Katie’s heart – to meet in a place where we, as moms, can give back. Katie also has been setting up a monthly breakfast hosted by moms4moms, so we can spend time with the homeless community, give them breakfast and our time. She is always looking for opportunities to give back.

As if all of this wasn’t impressive enough, she has written a bible study this last year and published a book. She is currently teaching that to local ladies’ ministries around town. She is always willing to open her home to moms who need to talk, finding resources for moms who need help, and find more ways to be impactful in our community. She is not only a wonderful friend, but a truly beautiful-hearted person that I am so grateful to know.”

4. Natalie Alexander

Nominated by Christina W.: “Natalie is a mom of three. Her middle child was born with a heart defect and had to spend a good amount of time in the hospital. He has already had open heart surgery. Because of this experience, Natalie and her husband co-founded the Hearts of Steel Foundation here in Tulsa. They help families with babies born with heart issues. She is an amazing mom and is helping struggling families all over Oklahoma!”

5. Lam Le

Nominated by Jeremy S.: “My wife is the definition of Supermom and Superhero. She is an amazing mom to our four children, is a successful physician and selfless philanthropist. She is a leading wound physician and directs three wound centers. She founded a charity foundation that provides special services to local families in need and provides charity wound care and education globally. She spends her days saving limbs, lives and the world. She spends her evening making our house a home. When she comes home she is 100 percent MOM. Our kids know Mommy is always there, and they are her number one priority. She is a role model to many, especially our children. She has instilled altruism, kindness, hard work, stength and confidence in our children and spreads it to those around her. She is able to balance kids, life, work and make it appear effortless. No matter how busy, she will always make time for others and put everyone’s needs before her own. She is a blessing to so many, especially to our family. We love her and are so proud to call her Mom/Wife.”

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