All Star Sports – Part 2

Gilligan's Island Miniature Golf

After our super fun batting cage adventure, we decided to go ahead and opt in for mini-golf while we were at All Star Sports last weekend. Their golf course is cleverly called Gilligan’s Island. I’m sure I remember attending with my youth group in Jr. High, and it may have been that long since I’ve played miniature golf. I was actually pretty excited!

Here we go, off to Gilligan’s Island!

Hole #1. Hate me if you want, but I just couldn’t pass up this shot. I know, I know, he’ll kill me when I show his girlfriend some day!

Mr. Marc just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off his golf pose too! Yes, please roll your eyes at the man I’m marrying in a month. Isn’t he cute, though?

Even though it’s “just” mini-golf, we didn’t want the kids to be totally discouraged with their balls going in the wrong directions, so we tried to take advantage of coaching opportunities.

Sadly, it didn’t always help. First splasher here. Marc is such a sweet Daddy!

There were some interesting holes with steep inclines,

and double level holes where you sink it in once and it comes out on a second green!

Then you have a little girl who gets a hole in one! Go Corrinne!

I guess Marc and Carter weren’t the only ones posing that day. That’s what I get for letting Marc have the camera!

Uh-oh, this hole looks like reeeeaaaally bad news…

…and it was. This was at least the third time it ended up in this little side ravine.

Then he launched it all the way into the pond at the very bottom. Marc sifted through sludge more times than he’d like to count that day, and wins Daddy of the year award for sure! Carter was absolutely distraught, “It’s impossible. You’re never going to find it. I should just give up!”

He found it though, and we finished the hole so we could move on to #18. Look at this crew. Three of a kind right there.

Carter finally perked up too. “Hey Missy, take a picture of me stirring the stew!” You got it, kid.

And we made it out of there just before it started pouring. We got hit by a few sprinkles, but nothing to complain about!

Happy Campers as we say around here! Hungry and a little pooped too. Time for some grub and chill time.

This was a great afternoon of fun, especially for the price. Kid’s 3 and under are free too! They also have some great pizza and birthday party packages to check out.

I tell you what, I’m getting a kick out of realizing I actually enjoy sports (though mini-golf is hardly a sport). The scars of being mocked for running in the wrong direction in kick ball and cowering like a wimp in dodge ball as a kid are finally starting to wear off. What sport will we try next? Maybe we should go out for Family Game Night! Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves; one thing at a time. For now, we’re keeping the batting cages and miniature golf in the Saturday outing rotation!

See you around town!


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