All Star Sports Complex – Part 1

The Batting Cages

Last Saturday, the littles were with their dad, so Marc and I had the bigs all to ourselves. I had gotten up and out of the house early to meet with a doula client and left them all in their pjs to enjoy the morning. After I wrapped up my meeting, I swung by a couple of my favorite shops on Main Street in Broken Arrow (Sewflakes for sling materials and On the Corner for cupcakes), and headed back to the house.

As I unloaded my goodies, much to the delight of three cupcake lovers, I asked everyone, “What do you guys wanna do today? It’s a gorgeous day; we should get outside and do something fun!” Carter (who looked like he was absorbed in playing Kirby on the Wii and not listening) said nonchalantly, “We could go to the batting cages,” and went right back to playing his game.

I looked at Marc, with half a cupcake in one hand and a glass of milk in the other, who nodded while chewing to show his approval of the suggestion. So, I busied myself with cleaning up the kitchen and cupcake wrappers while everyone else got dressed to get out the door.

We headed to All Star Sports Complex, right off of 169 on 61st street. They also have a mini-golf course, which you can see from the highway.

That’s one motley crew if you ask me! I snapped a pic of the “menu” of fun for you, but you can also check out their website for prices and options. We chose 4 rounds, $5.00 a person.

I should interject here and let you know that I don’t bat. Or pitch, or catch for that matter. If there aren’t concessions at a sporting event (or cheerleaders for me to cheer for) I probably will opt out. My friends at the bank begged me for years to play on the softball team, to which I always responded, “I don’t play softball.”

See, there’s a danger sign! Hello!

Ok, fine! I’ll put on a helmet for everyone, but I’m telling you, I’m smarter than all the rest of y’all; I’m staying on THIS side of those fences and NOT getting hit in the teeth with a flying projectile!

And I can’t help myself but to get a picture of everyone in their helmets because I think they’re cute.

And they’re very good at humoring me.

Especially Carter, bless his heart!

And play ball! Corrinne was good; I was really impressed. This girl has spunk and swung with gusto!

Carter and Dad had a little coaching session for a few reminders before he attacked.

And Marc showed off by pushing the baseball button instead of the softball button. He hits those balls hard! It’s almost frightening how loud that metal bat is when it bangs the ball! Wow, I’m realizing just how much of a non jock I am when I say things like that. Nerd alert!

Ok, here I go. But only because I’m trying to prove to the kids I’m not a scaredy-cat (and maybe because I know I’m going to write about it later, and don’t want to look like a complete wimpo)!

And I hit one!

In fact, I hit most of them, and was truly surprised! Aside from my ring banging the bat when I hit the ball, which hurts, I had a blast. I want to get myself a glove and go back. Talk about a stress reliever! And I plan to tell the kids at the bank that I’d be psyched to play with them next summer in softball.

Go figure, you’d think I’d start learning (like I did about fishing) that I LIKE sporty stuff. Why I’ve waited until my thirtieth (am I really 30 already?) year in life, I do not know, but at least I’m figuring it out now!

We had a blast at the batting cages, and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Stay tuned for Part 2, tomorrow, to read about our adventure at Gilligan’s Island with mini-golf!

See you around town!


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