Advantages of Natural Childbirth

As promised, below are some reasons for considering natural childbirth.

1. Shorter labor.

Pitocin and other drugs generally tend to inhibit labor, making it longer. Mothers who labor naturally and are allowed to move and walk during labor tend to see shorter labors.

2. Speedier delivery.

Since there’s no medication numbing their lower halves, women who labor naturally can better feel when it’s time to push and how they should push in order to quickly delver their babies.

3. Quick recovery for mom.

Mothers who labor and deliver naturally report speedy post-delivery recovery more often than medicated mothers. Nonmedicated mothers tend to find they can easily move around, eat and drink after their deliveries.

4. Alert babies.

Babies delivered naturally emerge more alert than those whose mothers have been medicated. This is especially important for mothers who wish to breast-feed. Mothers who deliver naturally show more success with breastfeeding than those who choose medication.

5. Feeling of accomplishment.

Mothers who deliver naturally use report overwhelming feelings of accomplishment at the feats their bodies have just performed. The experience is usually very rewarding.

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