A Tulsa Treasure – Gardner’s Used Books

I really enjoy writing this blog, and sharing about great family activities and local businesses in Tulsa. It seems like it’s relatively easy to find the Chuck E. Cheese’s and Zoos in town, so I really like to do what I can to squeeze into the nooks and crannies of our city and find the hidden gems of adventure to share with you guys.

I have a special love for books. Especially old books. In college, my favorite place to study was in the basement of the library where the shelves were lined with old yellowed pages of hardbacks filled with history and character. I don’t even read as much as I’d like, but I still love books. Real books, with real paper pages that I can feel and turn. I’ve shared before about Steve’s Sundry, a fantastic nugget of Tulsa history, but if you’re looking for books that have already been loved a little, Gardner’s Used Books and Comics is the place for you!

Since they buy, sell and trade, I collected some boxes of books in our garage that we’ve been needing to sell and loaded up the little bees for an outing!

Gardner’s is at about 44th and Mingo and since it’s Oklahoma’s largest used bookstore, you can’t miss it – trust me! When we walked in, you can imagine we were pretty thrilled to be greeted by the Hulk himself! Think that’s real life sized? Probably, yikes! I can never resist coaching my kids to give me a certain “face” when I snap pics; here are their best Hulk faces!

Besides books, Gardner’s has a HUGE selection of comics, movies, CDs, and DVDs.


There’s every type of book you could think of. Here’s a smidge of the Art History collection. I’m sure there’s plenty of information in those books to READ, but I can’t help imagining several of these lining decorative shelves and coffee tables like you’d see in some really cool Design Sponge post (you’d think my house would be decorated much better…)!

We spent a lot of time in the comics section. My littles were astounded to realize how long their superheroes had been around! We also scoped out some Godzilla issues for Carter (who’s obsessed to say the least) that he went back for a couple days later with his allowance! Check out the old Dennis the Menace and Disney issues!


After finding a killer vintage turntable for Marc a couple years ago for Christmas, I’ve been more and more interested in collecting vinyl records. Look at the massive record collection here – this is just the bottom half!

It took some convincing to peel the boys away from the comic books, but I assured them there was a great kids’ section and they could each pick out two books.

Because Children’s Books are BOGO, y’all! And look at those piles of 25 cent books!

Don’t these Charlie Brown Encyclopedias take you right back to childhood? I can’t help myself with the decorating thoughts – wouldn’t these be darling stacked up in a nursery, or on a low, crawl-level bookcase for toddlers?

Throughout the store there are lists of top rated books and titles that have won awards. What a great way to spark interest in the greats and give you ideas of where to start in this amazing collection! There are also all kinds of ways to stock up and save if you’re a frequent shopper. I could spend hours strolling up and down the aisles and working my way through the maze of old and new titles just waiting for me to grab some coffee and dig into them!


There are even sections of toys, jewelry, odds and ends, and artwork as well. It’s like a really well hand-picked yard sale full of treasures!

After you shop around a bit, be sure to sit still and catch the moments.

Every one of them.


And make sure you introduce your kids to Ms. Pac Man on your way out!

When you go (and I know you will!), ask for Sarah. She’ll take really good care of you!

See you around town!


Honeybee Mama

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