A Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide for Your Picky Minimalists

From baked goods to the promise of a parents' night out, here are five great gift ideas for your minimalist friends and family.

Christmas is five days away, and if you’re celebrating Christmas, you may still be wondering what you should buy your friend or family member! Giving gifts successfully is one of the most difficult things to do in my opinion, and honestly, I feel like during Christmas we put way too much emphasis on the kinds of gifts we give or get. As someone who’s striving to live simply and who has a family, I love receiving gifts at Christmas, but often the one thing I want more than anything else is a gift card or even just a few dedicated hours without my kids. I do not like accumulating a lot of unnecessary items, and as I am no longer too sentimental about it, I’ll give, sell, or throw away any gift I’m given that I don’t need. So, with that in mind. Here are five simple last minute gifts for your picky minimalist friends:

1.A Gift Card

As I mentioned before, I love receiving gift cards for Christmas! I’m pretty particular about the kinds of things I keep around, so being able to pick a gift for myself or just having funds to go towards everyday expenses would be amazing. It does matter, where the gift cards are from, though. So, depending on who you’re gifting, consider a gift card to a local grocery store or a gas card or even just a visa gift card, so your friend or family member can buy whatever they want wherever they want.

2. Baked Goods

Okay, so this may seem silly, but who doesn’t like receiving baked goods as long they’re made within the perimeters of your diet? We all want to show our loved ones that they’re loved and seen and known by us during the holidays. So, it does matter whether or not you make gluten free cookies for your gluten intolerant friend or vegan cookies for your vegan friend. Chances are your loved one will feel loved and seen by you if you land the right baked item for them for Christmas.

3. A Picture

This is a last-minute gift guide, so it’s likely that the time to prepare most homemade gifts has past, plus homemade gifts are more risky to give and receive in my opinion. If I don’t like it or don’t need it, it’s harder to get rid of it because I know someone put a lot of effort into making it for me. But a printed picture is an easy and simple gift to give and receive. Printed pictures are less common than they used to be, which makes them a bit more special. Also, save the frame unless you know without a doubt that the frame you buy is one you’re loved one would like.

4. Parents’ Day Out

Okay, so obviously, this one can’t apply to a loved one who isn’t a parent, but if you do have friends or family members who are parents and you can’t afford to give anything else, a parents’ day out is one of the best gifts you could give to any parent in your life. Parents can gift this to other parents as well.

5. Homemade Gift Certificate

I used to think this kind of gift was a bit silly, but thinking about it in terms of my children, I think a homemade gift certificate is a great idea. It could be something very simple like A Day at the Park or A Special Treat or even something more elaborate like A Trip to the Zoo. This kind of gift is something you don’t necessarily need to buy (or buy right away, which is great if this is a last minute gift), and I’m sure it’d be thrilling to receive.

Giving gifts at Christmas doesn’t have to be hard. The holidays are more about investing time into your relationships and celebrating with family and friends after all. So, if you’re stressing about what you should buy as a gift this year, I hope this simple guide puts you at ease.

Happy Holidays!

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