6 Reasons Why Your Child is Throwing a Tantrum at the Pool

I saw a tweet the other day that said “95% of a mom’s pool time is spent ‘watching this’ and adjusting goggles.” Right on. It inspired me to reflect upon my own struggles at the pool with my beloved, yet strong-willed, stubborn and demanding 3-year-old. Here are my top five reasons your toddler is throwing a tantrum at the pool:

1. Walking in flip flops is hard.

Why do they even make flip flops in toddler size? They’re a recipe for disaster, but somehow grandma and grandpa can’t seem to help themselves – they must buy your toddler a ladybug pair of flip flops they saw on sale at Target. Here’s a tip, if they cost $3.99, they’re going to cause toddler road rash like you’ve never seen. Which brings me to the next problem….

2. Band-Aids don’t stay on when they get wet.

I love that kisses and band-aids make such a huge impact on a toddler’s injuries, I really do. They really come in handy on dry land, but they do not stay on in the water. So, basically, you have a bunch of Elsa band-aids floating around in the pool. Ew. And when the child realizes that Elsa is no longer protecting his/her knee. Well, it’s not good.

3. Wet bathing suits are hard to put back on.

Do you need to go potty? No. Do you need to go potty? No. Do you need to go potty? No.

<jumps in water> I need to go potty!!!!

4. Popsicle Problems.

Ok, multiple scenarios here.

  • A. They wanted purple, not blue, you idiot!
  • B. It’s too cold.
  • C. It’s melting.
  • D. They can’t push it up “by myself.”
  • E. They push it by “by myself,” but it’s too much and the popsicle falls on the ground.

5. Mommy won’t play “Mommy Whale” anymore.

As if being called a whale in your bathing suit isn’t sad enough, after you’ve been playing mommy whale for an hour straight and would like a break, you’re made to feel like a deserter.

6. I got wet!

Wait. What?

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