5 Anti-Bullying Apps Every Family Should Have

Bullying happens more often than most parents realize: one in three kids has either bullied someone or been bullied themselves. Here are 5 anti-bullying apps that you and your kids ought to download. They’re some of the best ones available, and they’re all free.


Available at: Apple Appstore; Google Play

The most important first step in any anti-bullying effort is to talk to your kids about what bullying is and how to prevent it. KnowBullying, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is an award-winning app that explains the warning signs of bullying, offers advice on how to talk to your kids about bullying, and includes important strategies for preventing bullying for kids in different age groups (3-6, 7-12, and older.)

ReThink – Stop Cyberbullying

Available at: Apple Appstore; Google Play

Despite parents’ best efforts, kids often don’t realize when they’re about to bully someone. This is especially true with online messages. One way to ensure that potentially hurtful messages aren’t sent is to download Rethink – Stop Cyberbullying. Developed by a 13-year-old girl who wanted to help fight cyberbullying, this app issues alerts such as “Would you like to re-word this? Remember, you are what you type!” when it detects hurtful language. This approach has been shown to stop kids from sending hurtful messages in the first place.

Take a Stand Together

Available at: Apple Appstore; Google Play

When bullying does happen, how should kids respond? Take a Stand Together offers lots of helpful advice for dealing with different types of bullying. The app has interactive scenarios that make kids think about what they’d do if they were being bullied or witnessed others being bullied.

Bully Button

Available at: Apple Appstore; Google Play

Sometimes, it’s not possible for kids to deal with bullying on their own. They might need to tell their parents about it and ask for help. A great bullying-alert app is Bully Button. This app lets kids surreptitiously record the bullying and quickly and effectively alert their parents. It shows kids’ exact locations and makes it easy for parents to offer advice on what to do in real-time.

Speak Up! For Someone

Available at: Apple Appstore; Google Play

An essential lesson you can teach your kids is that bullying can happen to anyone and, if they witness it, they need to speak up rather than stay quiet. Speak Up! For Someone is just the right app for that. It lets kids record bullying that they witness and report it anonymously and securely to school officials.

Tanni Haas, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Communication Arts, Sciences, and Disorders at the City University of New York – Brooklyn College.

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