Wonderful Ways to Use a Microwave

We didn’t have a microwave until recently, thanks to my mom and step-dad. So I’m still learning about all the fun things you can do with a microwave besides just heating up soup. I was ridiculously excited the first time I realized I can now melt chocolate chips in the microwave instead of a makeshift double boiler. Here are some things I’ve tried so far:

1. Cooking Eggs

We didn’t use a microwave much growing up, either, which is probably why I never missed having one. But I do remember being amazed when someone taught us that you can cook scrambled eggs in a mug! All you have to do is spray a microwave-safe mug. Crack your egg directly into the mug and add a splash of milk; whisk. Then, stick it in the microwave for about 90 seconds. Season with black pepper or your seasoning of choice.

You can also poach eggs in a microwave, apparently! Although I need to work on my technique. Sadly, I lost one of my FAVORITE latte mugs to this! And although I have more mugs than any one household needs, this was one of two mugs I got at the La Marzocco espresso machine factory in Italy. And I use these almost daily! 🙁 It was also my first microwave explosion – so fun to clean! I think the problem was that I didn’t reduce the microwave power for the last twenty seconds, which I may not have needed in the first place.

Img 7719

I’m shattered.

Either way, you may want to season your eggs liberally after cooking. Or incorporate them into a yummy breakfast sandwich. And don’t try to cook whole, uncracked eggs in a microwave. Apparently this is a very bad, very messy idea!

Img 7720 2

Obviously, I could have put more effort into this.

2. Rice Socks!

I’ve wanted a rice sock for I don’t know how long! But when you don’t have a microwave, there’s no point, really. You probably know, but just in case, rice socks are just socks filled with rice. Stick it in a microwave for 40 seconds to a minute, and then place around your neck. The warm rice feels so good! I currently have a sinus infection so laid the warm sock directly on my face, and it was heavenly.

Img 7718

To make your own, just take an old sock, and fill it about 3/4 full of rice. This will take more rice than expected, and funnels are your friend, if your’re trying to do this solo. (Surprise, I didn’t trust Joss to hold the sock open while I poured rice into it. That would be a mess waiting to happen!) Once your sock is full of rice, knot the open end tightly. Voila! You have your own little tube of comfort ready to go. Just don’t burn yourself!

3. Ear Popping Aids?

Speaking of sinus infections, one of my coworkers just taught me a cool trick. My ears have been clogged like no one’s business lately, so I asked for advice. She said that a flight attendant taught her this: Wet some paper towels, then stick them in the microwave. I think I tried about 30 seconds. Stick them in a paper cup. Hold the cup against the side of your head so that it’s cupping your ear. (Again, make sure you don’t burn yourself! If it feels too hot, wait a few seconds!!)

Img 7722

My coworker recommended a styrofoam or paper cup, but this mug worked pretty well! It’s just a bit unwieldy 🙂

While this didn’t pop my ears – they must have been too far gone – it felt really good.

4. Mug Cakes, Mug Pancakes, Mug Cinnamon Rolls!

There are so many wonderful things about being able to make single-serving treats in the microwave! 1) When you want something sweet but don’t want to wind up eating a whole 9″ cake by yourself. 2) When your child asks for pancakes in the morning but you don’t want to spend time flipping them. 3) When you’re throwing a birthday party and one of the attendees is vegan, you can make them their own special dessert!

Img 7584

It looks nice, but was nearly impossible to cut even with a knife! DO NOT overbake!

All of these reasons have come into play recently. And although I’m still perfecting my microwave-baking technique, this sure has been fun to experiment with! Note: If you overbake baked goods in a microwave, they are so rubbery and hard to cut. Ugh! Here are the recipes I’ve tried, or at least ones that are close:

5. Foaming Soap Experiment

We haven’t tried this yet, but I’m intrigued. If you microwave a bar of Ivory soap, it apparently turns into a foamy, scented cloud! Ivory soap is the only soap that works because of its high air content. Learn more here, and let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this!

What are your favorite unexpected ways to use a microwave? Do you have any favorite microwave recipes? Feel free to drop a link in the comments!

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