Visiting Tulsa Botanic Garden’s New Gardens and Seeing “Barbie”

Last weekend was a weekend of movies for Joss and me. But we also visited the new gardens at Tulsa Botanic Garden on Saturday! More on that below.

Movie Night at Aaru

On Thursday, we went to Aaru Entertainment’s very last movie night. (I know, I just wrote about it, but sadly, they are now closed permanently. The company is still in existence, from what I understand, but focusing on game design rather than being a public space.) I was so sad this was our last chance, so we had to go, even though the 8 p.m. start time wasn’t ideal for Joss. They played “Porco Rosso,” which I hadn’t seen in a few years. The drinks were, as always, delicious, and the staff so kind!

Philbrook Film on the Lawn

On Friday, we went to Philbrook’s “Harry Potter” film on the lawn. Of course, we dressed up! The gates opened at 6 p.m., although the movie didn’t start till 8:40 p.m. I was slightly worried about having nearly 3 hours to spend before the movie began, but I shouldn’t have worried. Philbrook had food trucks, face painting, a hilarious magic show and other entertainment. All of which kept us engaged right up until the movie began.

Img 2163

Balloon arch by Balloon Therapy

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“Barbie” at Circle Cinema

I had a friend say something along the lines of not understanding all the hype about the “Barbie” movie. My thought is that people just like having something fun to look forward to, even if they aren’t particularly nostalgic about Barbie. In any case, I was more than willing to get caught up in the excitement of opening weekend events, and of course dressed in pink when I saw it Sunday at Circle Cinema.

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On Saturday, I had a free slice of pie waiting for me at Common Tart, so tried their pink lemonade pie. It was made especially for “Barbie” weekend, and very tasty!

Img 2282 1

In addition to the Barbie photo booth, Circle Cinema also had a fun display of Barbie memorabilia.

Img 2316

If you’re wondering whether the movie is worth the hype, I’ll just say that I really enjoyed it! The whole audience seemed primed to enjoy the show and was laughing out loud from the very beginning. It was just nice to feel how excited everyone was to be there.

Here is Common Sense Media’s guide to “Barbie,” if you’re wondering whether or not to take the kids: I won’t be taking Joss (8yo) because I don’t know if he’d appreciate it, having not really grown up with Barbie. But I don’t think I’d feel bad about him seeing it, either. Especially because there are some good messages in there. Maybe once it comes to streaming we can watch it together. I’m certainly ready to see it again!

Tulsa Botanic Garden’s New Gardens

On Saturday, Joss and I headed to Tulsa Botanic Garden to see their two new gardens! We ended up spending a few hours there, once we realized what a great place the gardens are for playing Pokémon Go, ha. And it wasn’t too hot (although I did regret forgetting sunscreen!)

The two new gardens are the Stanford Family Liberty Garden and Bumgarner Family Foundation Lotus Pool. The Stanford Family Liberty Garden features a grassy courtyard leading up to a towering flag pole. It has concrete steps going right down to the water. We had fun looking for tiny fish! And there are two pavilions on either side of the flag pole, which look like they will be covered in vines in the future.

Img 2216

Img 2210

Img 2207

The Bumgarner Family Foundation Lotus Pool features multiple rows of fountains (that will light up in different colors at night!). There are also several peninsula (or island?) gardens jutting into the pool, and three viewing spots that radiate from it as well, like rays of a sun.

Img 2221

There aren’t a ton of large lotuses in the pool yet, but you can see where they will be in the future!

Img 2230

Img 2281

Both gardens were beautiful, and it will be fun to see them as the greenery continues to grow!

We also found this cute bison herd at the entrance of the Cross Timbers Nature Trail 🙂

Img 2261

If you want to visit the new gardens, they are doing half-price admission through July 28 if you donate canned food. Plus, kids who have completed the library’s Summer Reading Program should have a free admission ticket to Tulsa Botanic Garden!

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Sotw Tbg New Gardens Pin

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