Two Weeks into Summer Already?!

I thought I was going to write an end-of-year post. But things have been a bit hectic, and now we’re already two weeks into summer! The first week, Joss was bored at home. This week, he’s been attending Pokémon Training Camp at Camp Incredible, which is right up his alley. He’s gone into the building happily every day, which is a *knock on wood* improvement over last year.

Camp Incredible

We haven’t done Camp Incredible before, but it’s been a good experience. I don’t know what all they do each day because he doesn’t provide a lot of info. However, all the drop-off and pick-up procedures have gone smoothly. And he doesn’t have any complaints, besides losing one of his Pokémon card battles. That can only be a good learning experience in the long run, though, as I don’t usually get too competitive when we play at home. Got to learn how to lose at some point.

I also love how Camp Incredible has a good variety of camp options that sounds really fun. Throughout the summer, they’re also offering sewing camp, Harry Potter camp, music camps, LEGO camps, etc. So you can probably find something to fit your child’s interest, if you’re still looking for a camp. Learn more at 

End-Of-Year Thoughts

I had a ton of mixed emotions the last week of school! Joss had a pretty difficult year overall, despite having a great teacher. And I feel like we are still in the thick of trying to figure out how to best help him thrive. We did start some ADHD medication about a month before the last day of school, and that has seemed to be helping. It’s a non-stimulant that helps with both ADHD and anxiety. I don’t know for sure, but that could be one reason we’ve had an easier time with camp so far this summer. And he’s been able to do hard things like go to the all-ages class at tae kwon do.

Looking at his first day and last day of school pictures was really something! He has grown so much this year, and I just hope things get easier for him in the future.

Other Summer Adventures

Boating and Global Gatherings at Gathering Place

During our week between school and camp, we did manage to fit in some fun! We went boating at Gathering Place. Their boat operations – always free! – are open Friday through Monday, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. We like doing both the peddle boats and kayaks. There is a lot of wildlife to see on the water, and it’s just such a peaceful way to start the day!

Img 9964

Because we went early on a Friday, we followed up our boating adventure with attending a Global Gathering in the Boathouse. These are ongoing through July 28, Fridays from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. in ONEOK Boathouse. Each week celebrates a different culture through food, music, crafts and more.

Dog Days of Summer and Buck’s Vintage on 66

Last weekend, we attended the 2nd annual Dog Days of Summer in the Meadow Gold District. We had such a good time last year, we wanted to go again! Joss was mostly just interested in hanging out with his friend 🙂 But we also stopped by the new Bucks’ Vintage on 66, formerly the Buck Atom’s Air BnB. The shop is in an adorable bungalow, and full of cowboy-themed, retro merchandise.

Img 0007

Img 0004 2


Our friends have a membership at Sungate Pool, so we tagged along on their first visit of the season. They have a reasonably priced snack bar, high dive and lower diving board, water slide, etc. Plus a pool for younger guests. It’s a good time! Pool memberships aren’t cheap though, so we are happy to pay the $5 per visitor fee for now.

One neighborhood pool that does allow unaccompanied visitors – again, for just $5 per person – is the 5300 Club Pool in Lortondale neighborhood. They’ve done some updates lately, so I’m hoping to become at least semi-frequent visitors there this summer.

Summer Reading

Of course, we had to sign up for the Summer Reading Program! Additionally, I’m trying to encourage Joss to read by trading books read for Pokemon card points. If he reads enough books to reach 100 points, he gets an Elite Trainer pack (or something equivalent.) So far, he’s doing pretty well!

Img 9931

Summer Bucket List

Besides more outdoor swimming, here are some things we’re looking forward to this summer:

  • Visiting the new Lego store in Woodland Hills when it opens
  • Go to Tulsa Tough this weekend (naturally!)
  • Berry picking?? Hopefully?
  • Audition for the fall Spotlight Children’s Theatre production in August (It’s called “How I Met Your Mummy,” and Joss is very excited)

I’m sure there are many other things. Right now, I’m too tired to think of them! What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

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