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When it comes to holiday gift shopping, most of us have two kinds of people to shop for. First, there are the folks that won’t give you a straight answer on what they want for Christmas because they haven’t put much thought into it or they feel uncomfortable asking for a gift. And then there are the folks who bust out their holiday wish list like it’s a six-shooter in a quickdraw. 

My family generally falls into the latter of these two categories. Two of them have been spamming my inbox for weeks now with specific details for ordering merch from online content creators or exactly which cosplay piece they’re looking for down to the minute details. 

But not everyone is as easy to shop for, and I thought it would be cool to support local Tulsa-area businesses as we scooch ever-so-timidly toward the third plague year. And maybe if we all shop local, we can at least slightly postpone our eventual absorption under the United States of Amazon. 

With just a handful of holiday shopping days left, here’s a lovely little shopping guide filled with some of my favorite thoughtful, geek-friendly gift ideas for everyone on your list. Just don’t tell Alexa. 

1. A Game Night at Shuffles

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Shuffles is a family-friendly board game cafe located in Downtown Tulsa, and they’ve got hundreds of board games, special gaming tables, and loads of tasty treats and snacks to enjoy while you’re there. Your favorite tabletop gamer will love testing out new board games and knocking back a deliciously yummers Butterbeer milkshake. Plus, gift cards make a great stocking stuffer. 

2. A “Keep Tulsa Creative” Shirt from ahha

Cn Gifts Ahha

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Does your kid spend a lot of their time making fan art? Do they love manga and rock cosplay as a fashion look? For only $24, you can pick up one of these awesome tees and support Tulsa’s art community at the same time. 

3. Cozy Fleece Fingerless Gloves from The Print & Plaid Co.

Cn Gloves

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These charming, Outlander-esque fleece gloves from The Print & Plaid Co. are extra cozy but still leave you plenty of maneuverability for working in your apothecary shop before meeting your kilted lover. Or for playing Gardenscapes on your phone, either way. Many of these super-soft gloves come with a sweetly placed little charm or button. The Print & Plaid Co. specializes in dreamy tartans, but you can also find sunflowers, galaxy print (hint, hint, Santa!), books, and loads of other goodies on the Print & Plaid Etsy shop. And most items are $17 and under.

4. A Paint by Numbers Kit from Moonlight Art Factory

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Local Tulsa artist Rosemary Daugherty has been creating happy, magical art for ages, and she’s sharing her effervescent worldview with gorgeous paint-by-numbers kits you can purchase online. For only $19.95 you can give this cheery mini blue whale starry knight kit. Or purchase a full-size version for $39.95. Rosie’s site also features super cute full-sized paint-by-numbers kits that pay tribute to Metro Diner and the Golden Driller. Check them out!

5. Gaming Dice Soap Set from Katnip Creations

Cn Gaming Dice

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In addition to selling commission art, Katnip Creations sells handcrafted, adorable soaps your geeky tweens and teens will love getting in their Christmas stockings. For $20, you can get a 7-dice custom soap set in its own “dice bag.” Soaps come in hypoallergenic and hypoallergenic goat’s milk and coconut and can be customized in different scents, colors or to include additives like fresh fruit or flowers. 

6. Bejeweled Fairy Ears from RedHourglassVault

Cn Fairy Ears

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Is your kid vibing on fairycore right now? These gorgeous fairy ears from local jewelry artist RedHourglassVault will make their year! Fairy ear cuffs are $25, and the artist also makes loads of awesome weirdcore and witchy vibe baubles, all available at a reasonable price. 

7. A Blue Whale Cuddle Monster from Buck Atom’s

Cn Blue Whale

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How cute is this adorable plush from Buck Atom’s? And he’s only $20! Buck Atom’s also has loads of cute locally-themed goodies including Oklahoma state cuddle monsters, Tulsa corn dog magnets, and Tulsa flag wool pillows.  

8. Personalized Cookies from The Lady Known as Cady

Cn Cookies Cn Cookies 2

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For $3 a pop, you can have gorgeous custom snow globe cookies made for your favorite folks’ Christmas stockings! The Lady Known as Cady makes loads of yummy holiday treats from cake pops to charcuterie.

9. Star Trek: Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom from Decopolis

Cn Startrek

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Decopolis is a go-to spot for all types of pop culture merch for just about any fandom including Star Trek kids’ books for adults for only $14.99. I’d love to see a few of these under my tree this year. They’ve also got loads of gorgeous Tulsa-themed trading pins

10. Gorgeous Custom Tumbler from J Cat Designs

Cn Jcat

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Every gamer needs a custom tumbler whether they’re rolling for initiative or clearing the Commonwealth of synths. What makes J Cat’s tumblers special is the darling custom molds she makes for the top of her tumblers. 

11. A Retro Strawberry Shortcake Tee Designed by the Artist

Cn Strawberry Shortcake

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Gen-Xers and Xennials, listen up! Did you know that the magical soul who created Strawberry Shortcake is our Tulsa neighbor? Her name is Muriel Fahrion, and she’s still making sweet, lovely art you can purchase to support her as an artist! For a cool $30 you can pick up this adorable retro Strawberry Shortcake T-shirt and give it to your favorite superfan (or send it to TulsaKids ℅ Coffee Nebula, just sayin’). 

12. A Felt Mario Hat from SlowpokeAGoGo

Cn Mario

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Got a big Mario Bros. fan in your life? SlowpokeAGoGo is a local cosplay and prop artist who specializes in creating custom felt Mario hats for only $20. The artist also has loads of super cute bead art if you’re looking for some low-cost stocking stuffers. 

13. Bowie Bingo from Ida Red

Cn Bowie Bingo

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Ida Red General Store offers tons of fun gifts like this Bowie Bingo game for the little space oddities in your life. 

14. A Slingshot Organizer from Whitty Books

Cn Slingshot

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Got a young activist in the fam? Slingshot organizers are durable 176-page personal planners published by activist group the Slingshot Collective. Available in a rainbow of gorgeous colors in black or silver ink depending on the color of the planner, they include all kinds of goodies including, according to the collective’s website, “radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, plus much more.” Organizers are only $8 or $16 depending on the size, and proceeds help support the activist group. 

15. A Ring With a Favorite Image from Optic Momentum

Cn Optic Cn Optic 2

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Optic Momentum makes custom jewelry out of glass cabochon and your photos including items like bracelets, pendants, keychains, magnets, and more. The website features loads of pretty flowers, succulents, and the like, but the coolest-looking pieces feature Arches National Park and Mesa Verde. For only $20, you can order a custom 20 mm cabochon personalized ring with your favorite place (or another photo) in it.  

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