The Tulsa Run Again

Because I’m running my 33rd (?) or so Tulsa Run tomorrow morning, it’s on my mind. I can’t remember how many times I’ve run it. I’m not a person who keeps track (pun intended) of all my runs and times. I just do it because I like it. I started with the second one. One of my college friends assured me that I could run three times my training distance. He didn’t go on to explain that it might be a good idea to slow down, take it easy on Houston Hill, maybe stop for water. When I was in college, before the crusty layers of experience and doubt buried my youthful invincibility, it never entered my mind that I couldn’t run a 15k at a decent pace. And I did.

tulsa run 2019

Tulsa Run 2019

All these years later, I still love taking on the Tulsa Run. It’s kind of an odd distance for a race, but it fits me – shorter than a half marathon, longer than a 6k. I have run a half marathon, and it wasn’t difficult. I just felt like those last three miles were a little redundant. I love my odd 15k distance. Maybe I’m a little odd. Or maybe I just don’t like ratcheting up the miles necessary to take on a longer distance. I do admire my friends who put in the time and work to train for a marathon.

I didn’t run in my pregnant years, but once my kids were in elementary school, they would run the Tulsa Run 5k. The candy bars at the finish line were a great incentive.

Today, my daughters are still runners (my son isn’t a fan), and my husband and I love to run with them when we’re together. It’s a fun way to see a city or hang out. We do a morning run and then have breakfast somewhere. I’m glad that they discovered the joy, not to mention the psychological and physical benefits, of running.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. My husband and I are just getting over Covid (yes, we’re vaccinated and boosted), so maybe our times won’t be great (the happiness of low expectations), but I’m not complaining. I love the excitement of being with all the other runners – fast, slow and in-between – who come together for a morning of running fellowship. There’s nothing like looking down from the starting line and seeing that huge crowd of people like a moving rainbow in the street.

I’m a big Tulsa Run fan. Maybe you ride in Tulsa Tough. What’s your favorite event or celebration in Tulsa? I’d love to hear your history with that event! Post it below or write to me at! Maybe I’ll share some in the magazine! See you on the trail.

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