The Salon on Harvard and Places to go for Self-Care

Through our January cover kid’s father, I was presented the opportunity to get a free haircut at The Salon on Harvard. The Salon on Harvard opened in September, so it’s a new venture. And although it’s kind of embarassing to admit, I don’t have a regular hair stylist or salon. I often end up at Ihloff because it’s close. However, I generally schedule with whoever is in my price range and has availability in my desired time frame. I also get my hair cut very rarely, so this was a welcome opportunity!

A note on self-care

Since I knew this was coming up, I thought I’d ask some of our TulsaParents Facebook group members about where they go for self-care. So I’ll share some of those local businesses below. Kristi Roe Owen’s blog post, “What’s Your 2023 Self-Care Strategy,” also has some excellent suggestions for incorporating self-care into your daily life.

My self-care doesn’t typically manifest in terms of things like haircuts, getting nails done, spa days, etc. But I was thinking, as I sat in the chair earlier, maybe I should think about that more. I wonder how taking that time to go out and do something just for me would help with stress. Most often, my self-care is done at home. I paint, write songs, etc. And I also like buying treats 🙂

The Salon on Harvard

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The Salon on Harvard is located just South of 31st, next to Diamond Jim’s pawn shop. The interior is very nice, with dark gray colors and seasonal decor. They were all decked out for Valentine’s when I got there, which was fun! Everything looked clean and modern.

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They have a wall stocked with BOB (Back of Bottle) products. Apparently BOB was created by former Aveda employees. However, because BOB is not owned by an umbrella company, they have more freedom to maintain the standards and business practices they want.

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There’s also a nice drink station with iced tea, water and coffee. I didn’t avail myself of this, but it’s always a welcome touch!

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The woman who cut my hair was Misti. We enjoyed talking about kids, hair trends, things to do around town, the business, the need for more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc. She seemed to really love working there, and to appreciate the camaraderie among owners and coworkers. I especially liked that she was able to turn my vague request, “Just shape it a bit?” into a haircut I think I’ll really enjoy!

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All in all, it was a great experience! I hadn’t had my hair cut in maybe 6 months, so enjoy the before and after:

Img 4716 Copy

So. Much. Hair.

And voila!

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Services Offered

  • Haircut + Blowout (starting at $50 for maintenance; $60 for new clients)
  • Blowouts
  • Color
  • Highlights
  • Re-texturizing
  • Extensions

Go to for more information.

Self-Care Recommendations from TulsaParents

Spas/Spa-type businesses

  • Poppi’s Spa + Lounge in downtown Tulsa. Lindsay S. says, “Poppi’s had lounge day passes! Such a great space.”
  • Your City Studio. Deke C. says, “I love this place. You can find all sorts of services. I’ve had a facial by Wild Flower Spa LLC and a massage at Quiet Minds, but there are so many cool places there. I work downtown so it’s easy to just walk over to Liberty Towers!”
  • H2Oasis Float Center and Teahouse. They have more than 65 special teas and an oxygen bar. And I’m not too familiar with floating, so this sounds intriguing! There are discounts/specials for first-timers.
  • Infiniti Nails & Spa. Services include nail services, manicures and pedicures,  massages, facials, sugar exfoliation and much more. The shoulder and neck massage is $10 for 10 minutes, so if you’re pressed for time and/or money, that might be a nice, low-key way to still get some relaxation in. They also have “Princess Services” for kids under 6, which includes a Princess Manicure ($12), Princess Pedicure ($25) and Polish Change for Hands or Feet ($5+).

Coffee and Beverage Recommendations

Sotw Salon Pin

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