Taking the Family to Texas Ranch Life

Looking for a unique twist on family fun? An opportunity to explore a totally different way of life while being pampered with hospitality amidst stunning surroundings?

Then plan to become a warmly welcomed guest at the rustic yet elegant Texas Ranch Life and immerse yourself in a ranch family’s lifestyle. You can unleash the cowboy or cowgirl in you on the 1800 acres of open range. Yee-haw!

This place is not a contrived representation of a working ranch or some cheese-y dude ranch a la Billy Crystal’s 1990’s film “City Slickers.” This hot spot is the real deal—-a fully operating ranch with live cowboys, Texas longhorns, burly bison, quarter horses, grazing goats, wild gobbling turkeys and organic vegetables growing in the gardens.

One-of-a-kind Accommodations

Texas Ranch Life, owned and operated by hospitable Taunia and John Elick for a dozen plus years, is situated in Chappell Hill, deep in the heart of the Lone Star State’s historic Washington County, roughly halfway between Houston and Austin. Nine restored and refurbished historic Texas homes dating back to the mid 1800s are sprinkled throughout the wide-open space. The homes feature inviting living areas adorned with antiques and oriental rugs while including kitchens with modern conveniences. Your family can become one with the ranch and can engage in as little or as much as they want while on property.

Authentic Activities

A variety of activities available for kids and adults alike include catch and release fishing at any of nine stocked ponds, horseback riding lessons and open range trail rides, and horse-drawn wagon and hayrides. Hiking on the expansive property provides the chance to witness bison roaming, longhorns lazing about, wildflowers swaying in the gentle breezes and unparalleled sunrises and sunsets coloring the distant rolling hills.

The staff invites guests to witness cattle herding and branding, roping and other working ranch operations. ATVs and bikes are available for rent. Skeet shooting, tomahawk throwing and bird hunting are offered as well.

Southern Living magazine’s August 2012 article shared advice on dining activities. “For dinner, you can purchase the Elicks’ own steaks and ground beef, as well as vegetables from their garden, and prepare everything in the privacy of your own ranch house. Or sit back, take the night off, and let the ranch chef put his personal, Texas-style spin on dinner. We guarantee his grilled steak with crispy nopalito (cactus) fries will be the highlight of your meat-lover’s weekend.”

Highest Ranking

Texas Ranch Life has been appropriately rated one of the top 50 ranches, by www.top50ranches.com, which reviews guest, dude and working ranch vacations worldwide. It’s no wonder for, along with all of the incredible accommodations and activities, a sense of peace comes upon you as you drive up the winding road toward the main barn, a gracious gathering spot for dining and entertainment during your stay.

So, why not saddle up your crew and enjoy the exciting hands-on experience of a rancher’s life! And create your own Western movie of sorts to last a lifetime.

For more information, visit www.texasranchlife.com. Also, check out the Washington County Chamber of Commerce’s website, www.brenhamtexas.com.

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