Taking my sister to Gathering Place

Finally, I was able to take my twin sister, Lynda to Gathering Place! She lives in Austin but has visited me and my kids here in Tulsa a few times since the park has been open. However, we have either had too many other activities or the weather was not nice enough to visit the park. But we finally got there last month when my sister was in town.

We parked in the Discovery Lab lot and walked into the park from the south. I love going through that entrance when I have visitors who have never been to the park before because we get to walk through the Williford Family Four Seasons Garden. Meandering through 20,000 tons of Oklahoma flat sandstone stacked 10 to 15 feet tall is just an incredible visual experience. How did they do that?!

We came across Murphy Family Swing Hill and let my daughter enjoy that for a few minutes before walking up to the ONEOK Boathouse. We relaxed on their super comfy Adirondack chairs from the upper deck of the boathouse and took in the remarkable view of the park.

Img 8578

We then walked across that really cool bridge into the park and passed one of the most impressive parts of Gathering Place: the rope bridges and towers. Angel wanted to ride the zip line, to which aunt Linda was happy to give her a good push.

However, we were on a mission… Ice Cream! So, we headed to Williams lodge for ice cream, coffee and more fun. Then we took a nice stroll around Peggy’s Pond and headed south along Riverside Drive back to the car.

There is so much more to Gathering Place, but we did not have that much time. I would love to take her inside Discovery Lab next time because it is super cool for kids and adults. Next time, hopefully the canoes will be floating on Peggy’s Pond because the kids and I have done that, and that’s a lot of fun to do, too.

Lynda is also a big hockey fan so I was happy the Tulsa Oilers had a home game the night she flew into town!!

Lynn with his sister and daughter at a Tulsa Oilers game

Where do you like to take friends and family when they visit from out of town? What are some of your favorite restaurants you like to take out of towners to?

Please let me know so I can take her there next time!

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