Putting Together a First Period Kit

As anyone who has ever had one can attest to, periods are certainly a thing that people have to deal with. For tweens and teens who get them, having everything they need for their periods before the first period shows up can build confidence and make it easier to adjust to the change. Since most kids get their first periods between age 10 and 15 (the average age is 12) and they spend all day in school, having a period go-bag in their backpack and knowing what to do can make life much simpler, saving them an embarrassing situation. And if your child has a pad handy, they could end up being a lifesaver for someone else. 

I wanted to put together a first period kit for my kiddo that helped her feel confident and comfortable when she needs it, so I asked other folks what they would include in their kids’ first period kits. In addition to a go-bag for school, I thought it would be cool to stash a few pampering items in a gift bag for her when she needs them. To help you put together a first period kit for your people, here are some of the best ideas that I came across.

1. A perfect supply bag

Every kid is different, but you probably have a good sense of what your kid would like when it comes to a period supply bag. For me, it would have been glitter, sparkles, and more glitter. For my kid, discreet and neutral is the ideal aesthetic. Whatever you land on, a decent-sized makeup bag works well in their school backpack, and you can stash a second one at home in their bathroom. 

Cosmetic Bag

2. A small hand sanitizer

Nobody wants to think about this, but we’ve all experienced it at one point. You go to the bathroom, address the situation at hand, and then lo and behold, there is nary a stocked soap container to be found.

3. Some chocolate

Many folks swear by chocolate for easing their cramps. But if nothing else, having a little treat on hand when they’re feeling less than 100 is never a bad idea. 

Dark Chocolate On Pink Background

4. Heating pad

Heating pads are a lifesaver when cramps come a-knocking. You can pick up a small, easy-to-use heating pad for your offspring so they don’t have to borrow yours. Or you can even pick up a super cute heating pad and plushie all-in-one like this adorable sloth. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with a cute sloth when they’re feeling all crampy?

5. Hygiene products

Finding the right hygiene products can be tricky because as most folks with a period know, it takes time to figure out what works best for you. Most tweens and younger tweens start off with pads because they’re fairly easy to use, but a lot of youth are asking for recyclable pads these days. We took a look online and found tons of super cute washable pads. If you include these, you’ll also need to include a wet/dry bag to place them in. A lot of other parents I talked to swear by period panties as well. And while it may not be the most eco-friendly option, sometimes having something simple, disposable, and teen-tailored may be the best solution. 

6. Self-care items

Adding a few self-care items into their bag is a great way to remind your kiddo that prioritizing their self-care is essential on or off their period. Some suggestions included comfy pants or PJs, bath salts, facials, fuzzy socks, fun body wash, body spray, and new deodorant. 

Pair Of Colorful Thick Fleece Socks

7. Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen can be a godsend when cramps are bad. Add a couple of ibuprofen in your kid’s emergency kit and make sure they know the correct dose to use. 

Have you put together a first period kit for your teen or tween yet? Let me know what I forgot, and have a beautiful week in your little nebula!

Cn Period Kit Pin

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