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Princess Tea at Harwelden Mansion and Celebrating My Birthday

Another birthday celebrated over the weekend, and another birthday surrounded by friends and family, so I’m truly blessed.

And this year a bonus: Princesses!

In my blog today I’ll talk about “Princess Tea at Harwelden Mansion” and also raising money for two different charities with my podcast: Tulsa Rocks.

Double Trouble

My birthday was on Sunday, so if you know the zodiac calendar, you know that I am a Leo. As such, it is almost our birth right as Leos to celebrate our birthday for more than just one day. Sometimes a week leading up to, and a week afterwards, depending on when it falls during the week.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I have a twin sister named Lynda who lives in Austin. It is not always feasible for us to get together on our birthday, which is a real bummer, but we always call each other and sing happy birthday. And this year my sister is flying to Tulsa on August 20 to visit with us and see Poison and Tom Keifer at BOK Center. So, we will use that as an excuse to have some birthday cake together. Leos. Always celebrating us!

Let It Go: Princess Tea at Harwelden Mansion

This year, my daughter Angel and I did something very special together. On my birthday we went to an event called “Princess Tea at Harwelden Mansion.” I’ve driven past the famous mansion many times and have always wondered what it was like inside. My 8-year-old daughter loves princesses, so when I found out they have an event with Disney Princesses on my birthday, I had to go. She loves to dress up, too, so she picked out a dress and did her makeup. We had the time off our lives!

angel ready for princess tea at harwelden mansion

AND, as we entered this historic landmark mansion we were greeted to four beautiful princesses who sang happy birthday!

four princesses and angel at princess tea at harwelden mansion

Angel and I were grinning ear to ear. The whole experience was breathtaking. The princesses all were so nice and made sure they talked to all the kids many times. As we enjoyed a variety of tea (Angel liked the breakfast blend, I sipped mango) and melt-in-your-mouth sandwiches (cut in ❤️ shapes) and desserts, the princesses worked the room with grace and whimsical wit.

Img 6226

Some got on the floor in their beautiful gowns so they could be at eye level with the children. The kids were mesmerized and transported to a kingdom far far away. This is one of those moments, as Princess Anna tells my daughter Angel how much she and Elsa love chocolate.

Img 6221

As a parent you know my feeling in this moment. Sheer joy as I watch the expression on my daughters face. We are no longer in Tulsa, we are in Arendelle!

The next Princess Tea event is not till December and as always sells out quick so visit the mansion website to reserve your spot: www.harweldenmansion.com

“I’m Out There in the Front Lines Liberating People with My Music!”

-Dewy Finn, School of Rock

Another thing I did over the weekend was hold a fundraiser at Cimarron Bar. I sold a bunch of my Tulsa Rocks merchandise (shirts & hats), which allows me too donate money to area nonprofits. This time around we raised over $1000 for Tulsa Schools Foundation. The money will be earmarked for Tulsa Public Schools Music Department. I decided to do this so the next generation of Tulsa Rockers can have instruments to learn.

Img 6198

Dads Rock Princess Tea At Harwelden Mansion Pin

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