New-to-Us Ice Cream Shops!

When I started this blog, I think I promised more frequent ice cream recommendations. I can’t pass up a new flavor of Blue Bell. I always at least check the Ben & Jerry’s section for new options, although they’re a bit pricey, so buying doesn’t always follow browsing. This summer, Joss and I have tried a few new-to-us ice cream shops in the Tulsa area. I’d recommend all of them!

Rustic Gate Creamery 

My husband works down the street from Rustic Gate. A few months ago, he confessed to having purchased a pint of their Andes mint-flavored ice cream. He intended to bring it home, but ate it before I could so much as glimpse it.

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So when we visited him one day, Joss and I walked down the street and got ourselves a treat! Beyond delicious and unique flavors (it was really hard to choose!), the owner is incredibly nice. Plus, you can buy old-fashioned candy and novelty sodas! It’s a small shop, but there’s a lot to look at. And buy, if you are so inclined. They also have shakes, malts, etc.

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I do not remember why he was so grumpy!

We found a dollar in the parking lot, so I handed it to Joss and told him to put it in the tip jar. He ended up laying it on the counter, so when the owner saw it, I explained that we’d found it and it was for the tip jar. She handed it back to Joss, protesting, “No! You found it, you should keep it!” Awwww.

Address and Hours: 

101 W. Main St., Jenks
Monday-Thursday, 12-9 p.m.
Friday, 12-10 p.m.
Saturday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Sunday, 1-8 p.m.

La Tapatia

I heard about this place through the Stand Up to COVID-19 Support Local Businesses Facebook group. Someone was searching for Mexican-style fruit with chili and lime, which I’d never tried before. But it looked good! (And it was!)

Img 0173

In addition to the cups of fruit, they offer ice cream. It may have been Blue Bell, but I don’t remember. And even more fun, they offer a variety of agua fresca. According to the Cookie and Kate food blog (also recommended), “Agua frescas are refreshing fruit drinks made simply of fruit blended with water, lime juice and a bit of sweetener.” La Tapatia has several five-gallon-or-so glass jars filled with agua fresca in all different colors and flavors. Joss chose cucumber lime, I think. While he didn’t drink too much of it, I was happy to finish it for him! Oh, and they have horchata, which you can add coffee to. Need to go back soon!

Img 0176

Hello, Joss! The space inside was also large, so there may have been an impromptu dance party or two while we were there.

I’d also wanted to  try some of their other food offerings, but I got intimidated by the Spanish menu. I should have just asked! But they have some fun nacho-style treats, like spicy Cheeto nachos with corn, etc.

Address and Hours:

1938 S. Garnett Rd.
Open 7 days a week, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Frio’s Gourmet Pops

While they don’t offer ice cream, Frio’s is a fantastic place to grab a frozen treat! We’ve been three times this summer already.

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Probably Birthday Cake flavor 🙂

I usually gravitate toward creamier pops, if that’s an option, but my favorite of theirs is probably the Blackberry Ginger Lemonade. Anything with ginger and citrus, sign me up!! The lemon icebox cake was also incredible. Tangy, sweet, perfectly balanced.

Img 1342

Joss decided the Blue Raspberry was a bit too sour for his taste. But he looks cute holding it!

Address and Hours:

105 N. Greenwood Ave.
Wednesday-Saturday, 1-6 p.m.
Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Beatrice Ice Cream Co.

As an offshoot of Antoinette Baking Co., there was pretty much no way I wasn’t going to love Beatrice Ice Cream Co. Joss and I went last weekend for their soft opening. He’d been asking to buy ice cream sandwiches for a couple days at that point. So when I saw a birthday cake macaron ice cream sandwich in their freezer, that was the clear choice.

Img 2222

It was a little much for him to eat all at once, and things got gooey, but a couple hand washings took care of that.

Img 2221

I usually choose the most unusual flavor I can, since it may be a once-in-a-lifetime flavor opportunity! And Beatrice Ice Cream Co. has plenty of unique options to choose from. I ended up getting a double-scoop cone of Golden Horchata and Local Stout. So yummy!

Img 2225

Even the cones were homemade and delicious!

Beatrice Ice Cream Co. may not be the most budget-friendly out of these options, but you should definitely make a visit. I’ll need to return sooner or later to try that Earl Grey flavor! You can also get gourmet push pops, ice cream flights, shakes and more.

Img 2238

Address and Hours:

11 E. Reconciliation Way (around the corner from Antoinette Baking Co.)
Sunday-Thursday, 12-8 p.m.
Friday-Saturday, 12-10 p.m.

Other Favorites

We’ve been to these places before, but Josh’s Sno Shack and Sweets and Cream are also fantastic. I especially love Josh’s Sno Shack because you can get a mini sno cone for under two dollars, I think. And they probably have close to 100 flavor options! Those include a special kids’ menu with flavors inspired by popular cartoon characters, superheroes, etc. For example, Joss’s Michelangelo cup below. Visit their website for a complete list of locations. They’re all over Tulsa, so there’s definitely a Josh’s near you!

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Sweets and Cream is also a budget-friendly option. They are home of the $1.99 ice cream sandwich! And not just any ice cream sandwich, this one is made with homemade chocolate chip cookies! For just a dollar more, you can get your choice of cookie and ice cream flavor. The only sad thing is that they are only open Fridays and Saturdays from 3-9 p.m., so you’ll have to wait till the weekend to get your Sweets and Cream fix.

Img 1161

Strawberry cookies with mint chocolate chip ice cream. An interesting choice, but he liked it!

What’s your favorite place to grab ice cream? We also love Rose Rock Microcreamery and Big Dipper Creamery at Mother Road Market and the Candy Castle Ice Cream & Soda Shoppe downtown, but I didn’t have pictures from those!

Sotw Ice Cream Pin

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