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New Lego Store Opens in Tulsa

Founded in 1932, Lego has expanded to over 40 countries and is now in Tulsa!

Oklahoma City has the only other Lego store in our state. You can find our new Lego store in the Woodland Hills Mall, lower level, across from the Apple Store.

Dads Rock Lego 1

The grand opening was last Friday and my daughter, Angel, and I were very excited to check it out…till we got there.

As we walked off the elevator in front of the Coach store and rounded the corner past the phone repair kiosk, I started seeing a huge crowd of people. When we got close, I saw 75 or so people waiting in zigzag ropes like you see at a rollercoaster ride at Silver Dollar City. And it definitely wasn’t moving very fast. Not fast enough, anyway.

The smile slowly disappeared from my face. Until, of course, I could see Angel was still excited. And then, I got a glimpse of inside the store and got excited again and thought, yeah, we can do this. Besides, at least we weren’t at a strip mall waiting outside in the sweltering heat.

So we got in line along with the rest of the families; parents not looking too happy, kids looking very happy! In total it took about an hour to get through, which, and from what I was told, was way faster than at the ribbon cutting earlier that day when the line was all the way past the Starbucks atrium area, past the merry-go-round and to Build A Bear!

Angel and I have fun doing almost anything, for the first 15-20 minutes. Then, I let her have her tablet and sit on the floor to pass the time. She loves playing chess!

Dads Rock Lego Store Tulsa 2

Then, a Facebook follower of mine who works in the LUSH store next door was handing out some super yummy smelling handmade soaps and bath bombs. Also, while I’m line and on my phone, I thought I heard my name. I looked up, and a few people down from me and a line over, were kind of pointing at me and smiling. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I smiled and waved. Then, the one woman just said out loud “Lynn Herrrrrnandez!”

😆 I started cracking up. That is a radio thing that some of my fans started doing years ago, so I started doing it on the radio and it kind of took on a life of its own. The guy standing behind me with his young daughter was a little confused and just asked me if I was a local celebrity or some thing. I reluctantly said, “I guess so!” I told him I have been on the radio in Tulsa for 17 years. He and his daughter were in from out of state.

We finally got to the front of the line and we were so super excited. We could finally see inside the store. I had been to the one in OKC, and this one is identical.

Before we walked in, I snapped this picture:

Dads Rock Lego Store Tulsa 3

Well worth the wait!

Record-Breaking Builds

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon and At-At are the most expensive sets at $850:

Dads Rock Lego Store Tulsa 4

The Eiffel Tower has the most pieces at 10,001:

Dads Rock Lego Store Tulsa 6

My favorite is the BatMobile Tumbler and Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Santorum:

Dads Rock Lego Store Tulsa 7

Dads Rock Lego Store Tulsa 8

This Lego Shark display has 17,453 bricks!!

Dads Rock Lego Store 9

Super fun place, go and be a kid again! And remember, Everything is Awesome!

Img 0164

Img 0158

Dads Rock Lego Store Tulsa Pin

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