National Women’s History Month:

With a focus on the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation

First, thank you to TulsaKids editor Betty Casey for the shout-out on page 10 of this month’s magazine. I have been a devout reader of TKM since my first child was born 11 years ago. It’s a must-read publication for anyone in our area who has children or takes care of children or even is in sales. Yes, sales. I was talking to an account executive for another media outlet in Tulsa about what I’ve been up to since my departure from radio, and when I told her I started blogging for TulsaKids Magazine, she excitedly blurted out: “Hey! I use them for leads every month!” 😊 So yes, a very valuable Tulsa monthly in many more ways than one.

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This week’s blog will be all about National Women’s History Month. The non-profit organization I focus on this week is the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation. They, along with VEST and Toni’s Flowers, have collaborated to create an art exhibit called: “The Interactive Floral Project.” Gaze at these beautiful sculptures of influential women of Tulsa as you celebrate the women in your life. The displays were launched yesterday honoring International Women’s Day. More about that later in my blog.

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Yes, like most when talking about women that influence your life, Mom is first and foremost. I’ve said before that I was always a mama’s boy. Mainly, I guess, because my parents divorced when I was five years old, and mom was custodial parent of us three kids. Our parents did not tell us they were divorced until six years later, but that’s for another blog. Dad was still very much and is still very much involved in our lives and had much to do with the kind of man I am today. I know Mother’s Day is May 9th and Father’s Day is June 20th, so more on them later this spring.

As you read this, think of a moment in your life that your mom went above and beyond for you. I’m sure there are many, but pick one and focus on just that one. Go back to that day. Remember the moments leading up to it. Was it sunny, cloudy? Early morning, late at night? Feel free to close your eyes for a minute, I’ll be here when you’re done. And take a deep breath and smile.

I know, right? Feels great to remember times like those. Now, I challenge you to think of the people in your life who you hope are inspired by you. What can you do today to help them or encourage them to be their best? It may not be something that you say or do to them, but how you handle yourself can inspire others. I played hockey as a kid. My mom didn’t show me the exact technique to bring my slap-shot up off the ice and on target, but what she did do was help me carry my super heavy duffle bag full of hockey equipment to our car and drive me in the very cold, snowy, ice-covered streets of Findlay, Ohio, to my hockey practices. Then she had to sit in the cold ice arena while I practiced or played games. As a parent now, I look back at times like that with awe.

Like you, I have many stories about my mom. You’ll hear more in my future blogs and especially in May. 


I’m a big movie buff and usually end the day watching a movie, the news or late-night talk shows. Last night I chose to watch a movie with inspiring women called “Hidden Figures.” 

The three women featured in this 2017, Kevin Costner film are African American mathematicians that worked for NASA. They were called “computers” before the first actual computer machine as we know it existed. In the height of the space race of the 1960s, these three (and other) women with their ability to solve extremely complex mathematical problems helped astronaut John Glenn orbit the earth and come home safely. All while battling extreme racism and sexism in a white male-dominated organization. If you’ve not already, watch this movie. Two thumbs up! 

Women from Oklahoma that you will find inspiring are featured in The Five Moons statues at Tulsa Historical Society

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I encourage you to go see The Five Moons at 2445 S. Peoria Avenue. They are positioned in the front lawn, so there is no charge to enjoy their grace and smell the beautiful flowers from Toni’s Flowers and Gifts. Each “Moon” statue honors the achievements of five Native American ballerinas. These dancers from Oklahoma achieved international prominence in the 20th Century. One at only age 14. This interactive project has 5 displays in various parts of Tulsa, all with a QR Code you can access for more information about the person the statue honors.

  • Women are the Center of the Universe. Center of the Universe, 1 South Boston Ave.
  • Celebrating the Women in Healthcare. Saint Francis Hospital, South Entrance, Mary Queen of Heaven sculpture, 6161 S. Yale Ave.
  • Celebrating Historical Women of Tulsa. Tulsa Historical Society and Museum, The Five Moons sculptures, 2445 S Peoria.
  • Celebrating all the Women Around the World who #ChooseToChallenge. The Rotary Plaza on Williams Green, 3rd and Boston.
  • Celebrating the Spirit of Women. Woodward Park sculptures, 21st and Peoria.

“One of my personal and professional missions is to unapologetically showcase women and their incredible impact on society,” said Erika Lucas, founder of StitchCrew and founding member of VEST. “We need to let other women and little girls know we exist in all shapes and sizes.”

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Read more about how LTFF helps empower Tulsans to achieve their goals by decreasing the barriers associated with big ideas here: Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation

While visiting the display yesterday I had a chat with LTFF co-founder Kathy Taylor:

And VEST – Connecting women across industries, regions, and career levels to expedite the pipeline of women in positions of power and influence. We provide coaching and a platform for women to learn with, and from each other with exclusive events and speakers. A Curated Network Of Highly Influential Women | Vest (

Make a list of some of the women that have inspired you, and reach out to them and let them know. 

Here are some of mine, in no particular order: Mom, Lynda, Angie, Angel, Cynde, Dr. Deborah Gist, Mrs. Weber, Laurie Stout, Peggy Farmer, Lorraine, Taina, Kim & Dana, Sara Wilson, Kenda, Burnham, Betty Casey, Jennifer Reid-Morris, Jane, Melanie, Cindy Ryan, Sharon Giencke, Kendra & Cristy, Vicky Sixx and many more… God Bless You All. #SupportTulsaWomen

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