Meet the Writer (Quarantine Edition): Diane Tritt Eaton

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We interviewed some of our writers about their work with TulsaKids Magazine as well as their experience with social distancing. In this article, learn more about Diane Tritt Eaton, who writes our Travel column! Read her May 2020 article, “During Social Distancing, Escape to Lake Bixhoma,” here.

How long have you been writing for TulsaKids?

A: For more than a dozen years

What is one of the most memorable articles you’ve written for TulsaKids, and

A: They are all memorable in a special way because each is about a unique space to discover in the world of travel

What can you tell us about your May article—what do our readers have to look
forward to?

A: I wrote about Lake Bixhoma, a sweet little spot just south of Bixby that is super convenient for Tulsans to get a chance to explore the great outdoors without much planning

What do you do outside of writing for us?

A: I run my household, work part-time for our family business and volunteer in various capacities for the Tulsa community

Who are you social distancing with right now?

A: My immediate family

How has social distancing affected your daily/weekly routine?

A: In more ways than I could have ever imagined

In three words, how would you explain your #socialdistancing experience?

A: Challenging, enlightening, frightening

What is one thing you’ve learned through quarantine?

A: I perform better with routine and a better sense of what to expect day to day

What has been the hardest aspect of social distancing for you?

A: I am an extrovert, so isolation is very taxing

Have you identified any “silver linings” through the quarantine experience, or do you have a positive story to share?

A: I’ve spent more quality time with my immediate family and have spent hours on the phone catching up with old friends and family all over the country

What has been most helpful to you at this time?

A: The power of prayer and the unconditional love I get from my dogs and cat

What aspect of your pre-social distancing life do you miss most?

A: A stronger sense of security

What are some things you are doing to stay connected with friends and family?

A: Zoom calls, phone calls and texting

What are your grateful for?

A: My family’s health and well-being above all

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