“A Round Of Shots On Me!”

Looking forward to my second COVID vaccine and interviewing the Tulsa Health Department


Before I get into my topic for today, the COVID vaccine, I wanted to share that website with you. It’s my new adventure. I just launched it last week. Yes, on April Fools Day. But it’s no joke. It’s something I’d always wanted to do. On my website, I’ll be posting all things that make Tulsa Rock! And there are many. More than I can discover on my own, so I need your help. Small businesses, nonprofits, Tulsa/Oklahoma-run businesses, festivals, fundraisers, and of course, ROCKLAHOMA! My website will touch on all those things in hopes of you discovering new ways to support the Sooner State.

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To expand my website content, I am also posting a daily Facebook Live video at noon. Then on Friday nights, I take the show on the road! I will broadcast live with my friend Chris Kennedy, who has been a singer for a handful of bands in Tulsa, has his own karaoke business, and is a Tulsa music history buff. So, tune in and find out where we will be this Friday. Better yet, come see us live, and you could be a part of our live broadcast!

Step Right Up and Get Your COVID Vaccine Here!

Please tell me there is a bartender that has come up with a “COVID Shot”. Have you heard of any?  Let me know! If you made up your own recipe for a COVID Shot, what would it be? Me? Tequila with a splash of tequila. Email me yours using the link above. I’ll be receiving my second Moderna shot on April 13th, so I will be telling you all about it in next week’s blog. A few weeks ago, I submitted a selfie after getting shot #1.

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Tulsa Health Department Interview

This morning, I interviewed Ellen Niemitalo, RN, and Carrie Suns, OKMRC coordinator with Tulsa Health Department. Check out the video below for our Zoom interview, and please get your Coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s with THD or not. There are many places now offering the vaccine: Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, even Oklahoma Aquarium. Yes! Vaccines and Viperfish all in one place! I got mine at Indian Health Services even though I am not a member of a tribe. I was able to take advantage of an open vaccine clinic they had and continue to have. In fact, they have one tomorrow, April 7th, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at VFW Post 577 downtown. You must call 918-382-2264 to make an appointment. They fill up quickly.

I can tell you after my first shot, I didn’t have any side effects. I’ve heard from some friends that they felt some discomfort and fatigue after the second shot. Although, I saw on KTUL Channel 8’s Erin Christy this morning that she said she didn’t have any side effects after her second shot. Maybe she’s the real Wonder Woman!? Regardless, Nurse Niemitalo said in my interview that it’s expected to feel this way after your second shot and can be a sign the vaccine is doing its job.

I know there is controversy over this. It seems there’s controversy over everything these days. But since it’s literally a life and death situation, I hope you do some research and make an informed decision.

And remember, join me and volunteer to help the Tulsa Health Department! Call Carrie Suns at 918-595-4034 or go to www.OKMRC.org.

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