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Tulsa Zoo

6421 E. 36th St. N., Tulsa, OK 74115
Category: Extracurricular Activity


Encourage and grow your child’s passion for wildlife at the Tulsa Zoo! Through our fun and engaging education programs, we inspire guests of all ages. Children can GO WILD at the zoo with classes, camps and workshops, learning about animals and meeting them up-close. Both school and outreach programs offer unique ways to explore the zoo or to bring the zoo to you.  The zoo offers year-round learning experiences for kids of all ages.


Also, check out the exciting adventures we have in store for spring and summer camps, as well as several wild opportunities coming up in the fall! Visit tulsazoo.org to discover more about educational opportunities at the Tulsa Zoo. Tulsa Zoo: Connecting, Caring, Advocating for Wildlife, People and Wild Places.