Let’s Rock-lahoma!

It’s been over two years since Rocklahoma has plugged in their lights and amplifiers and cranked up Oklahoma for the rest of the country to hear. And finally, next week they will do just that. Rocklahoma is an annual rock music festival in Pryor, Oklahoma. Tens of thousands of people from all over the country gather for the three-day weekend of camping, face-melting, and rock-horns-throwing.

I have been to every Rocklahoma in Pryor since 2007, so to me, it is literally music to my ears and heart! I’m known as “The Un-Official Mayor of Rocklahoma.” I’m one of only two people that have broadcasted LIVE on the radio (97.5 KMOD) from every Rocklahoma. (Didn’t forget about you this time, DC!!) The Coronavirus may have taken my job from me but By Gawd! not my passion to broadcast live from Rocklahoma! This year I’ll be LIVE ON FACEBOOK here: (4) Tulsa Rocks with Lynn Hernandez | Facebook

I’ll talk about Rocklahoma in my article this week. And my non-profit is the Pryor Chamber of Commerce, which is who you contact if you’d like to volunteer and see some of the concert for free!

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This is a quote from www.Rocklahoma.com:

“Rocklahoma is an all-ages show; however, we encourage you to leave the kids at home. Should you decide to bring a child, the child will need a ticket.”

I know this is TulsaKIDS Magazine and there are many “kids” at Rocklahoma, but believe me I see MANY parents at Rocklahoma! So, I hope you find this article relatable. If you’ve ever wanted to drop the kids off with mom and dad for the night (or weekend), this is it. I have seen some kids at Rocklahoma but none under the age of 10-ish. Kids are going to concerts much younger these days. My first concert was Rush in 1976. I was 11 and back then; not many 11-year-olds went to big hard rock concerts like that.

Besides, this is a chance for you to act like a kid yourself, and many do! Many that have been to Rocklahoma talk about how it has a “family” vibe because, if you’re lucky enough to have VIP seats and/or a camping spot, then you end up seeing the same group of people all weekend. Folks are very outgoing and friendly, so you end up getting to know them. And if you’ve gone to “ROK” more than once and camped in the same spot with the same VIP every year, then chances are you have seen your “neighbors” over the years and kept in touch with them via social media or on your own correspondence.

I’ve seen many wild things at Rocklahoma. Some I can talk about, others… well, I’ll plead the 5th, your honor. People have gotten married at Rocklahoma, and I’m sure more than a few new family members have been conceived there, too. In the early years, the festival was held in mid-July. Starting in 2010, it was moved to Memorial Day weekend, where it stayed on the calendar till Covid. It was canceled last year, and this year bumped to Labor Day weekend. The first three years it was all ’80s Hair Bands, then the format changed to include new bands. I’ve seen massive storms pound the grounds and flood the campgrounds. And I’ve seen kind souls helping each other get through the worst weather only to stick around to continue the party in the best weather.

This year’s headliners are Rob Zombie, Slipknot, and Limp Bizkit. And yes, like many tours (KISS announced today that fully vaccinated Paul Stanley has Covid and has canceled their Pittsburgh concert, not Tulsa!) in our Covid World, the roster has been shaken up. First off, the singer of Slipknot, Corey Taylor (also the singer of Stone Sour) announced that he, even though fully vaccinated, experienced a break-through infection of the Coronavirus. He said it was the sickest he has ever felt but is now symptom-free except for some congestion and he is ready to rock in Pryor next week! Also, Limp Bizkit has dropped out and canceled their whole “come back” tour “…out of an abundance of caution and concern for the safety of the band, crew, and most of all the fans.”

Rocklahoma 2021 Per Day Lineup

No announcement yet on who is replacing them at the headliner for the final night of Rocklahoma, but watch this space…


Tulsa Rocks Rocklahoma Live Aug 27 2021

I will be in Pryor broadcasting LIVE ON FACEBOOK tonight at 7:00 pm for my video podcast, Tulsa Rocks. I’ll cruise the grounds and show you how things are coming along. I’ll grab some Rocklahoma workers and get some inside information for you on how this year will be different.

AND if you are a veteran, fill out the registration form and you could WIN tickets to Rocklahoma! Do it now or share this with a veteran in your life (or on your social media pages) because I’ll announce the winners tonight LIVE ON FACEBOOK at 7:00 pm.

Here is the link to the Pryor Chamber of Commerce, Rocklahoma, my website, and Facebook. And let’s get ready to ROCK-LAHOMA!

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