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More than likely, as I have, you’ve been to McDonald’s. In fact, I’ve been to McDonald’s many, many times. I love McDonald’s. I moved to Oklahoma after living in Texas for 15 years. I was so excited to send my sister back in Austin a postcard from the McDonald’s On I-44 in Vinita, Oklahoma. This is the 29,135-square-foot restaurant that spans over the entire Will Rogers Turnpike.

The only thing I said on the back of the postcard was: “Not everything is bigger in Texas.”

My “go-to” has mainly been a Quarter Pounder w/cheese, large fry. Although I was on a chicken sandwich kick in high school and have enjoyed many double fish sandwiches too. However, recently it’s been back to the classic, a #1: Big Mac. My secret ingredient is placing a layer of fries on my sandwich.

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McDonald’s has been a staple of American Pop Culture since the mid-’50s and now, of course, is worldwide.

But what about behind the counter? As we approach summer break, many students will be looking for summer time jobs. I sat with a regional owner of several area McDonald’s, Bob Wagner, about the benefits of working at the Golden Arches.

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Bob Wagner

More Than Just a Paycheck

Here are some of the many benefits of working at McDonald’s:

  • Flexibility of scheduling – They can work with you on your scheduling needs.
  • Furthering education – They can work with you if you need to complete your high school diploma.
  • College Tuition Reimbursement – If you work 30+ hours a week, they will reimburse you for college course work hours. See the website for more details.
  • Archways to Opportunity – Comprehensive education strategy with multiple programs that help improve English skills, get help making education and career plans with advisors. Since 2015, Archways has increased access to education for over 75,000 employees in the United States.
  • Transferability – There are over 38,000 McDonald’s worldwide. If you move, chances are there is a McDonald’s in your new hometown you can apply to.

McDonald’s has a variety of positions: technology, crew, crew managers, marketing, supply chain management, etc.

To apply for a job and get more information on employment opportunities at McDonald’s, click here:

Here is my YouTube video interview with Bob Wagner:

Editor’s Note: This blog post is sponsored by McDonald’s. 

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