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It’s Tuesday, and COVID-19 is in full swing. What are you wearing, Jake from State Farm?

After two months on quarantine, stores across the country are opening back up, and bemasked folks are getting out and braving the world. Whether you’re hitting the stores with a bedazzled fabric mask or staying safely nestled in your hobbit hole, fashion has never been more of an utterly wackadoo free-for-all. 

The freedom from social pressure that comes with being stuck at home has created an alternate reality where people just wear whatever they feel like whenever they want. Now that we don’t go out in public, all bets are off. and I am loving watching the world just embrace their Natural Fashion Selves.

As a child of the eighties who grew up in a world where Guess jeans and later GAP khakis reigned supreme, who forced herself into ill-fitting women’s business casual of self-loathing for years, I am a million percent here for this. 

Our family has always been what polite folks refer to as “free-spirited” and coworkers and Karens alike refer to as “interesting” and “not a choice I would make.” But like everyone else in the world, we would at least try to look civilized when we went out in public. 

No more. 

I’ve pretty much worn what I wanted since I started working from home two years ago, a uniform that usually consists of comfortable wide-legged pants and a t-shirt most days. But since we’re not going out in public, I’m not hung up on some of the body issues that used to influence the way I dress. 

Fb Img 1590508649351

No longer worried about who is going to be offended by my round post-kid belly or cleavage, I’ve been living in crop tops, tank tops, and sports bras, relishing the feeling of my round, shockingly pale flesh getting hit by sunlight as I take up chores around the house or write blog posts under the open window. 

I have always loved the freedom of not being covered up, but it seems like even though I’m the kind of girl who rocks colorful hair and wears daring fashion choices, I’ve still been managing the way I dress for other people as long as I can remember. Not that that’s necessarily always a bad thing…I mean, where would we be if we didn’t have basic social expectations? We’ve all witnessed the darker boundaries of the human spirit on People of Walmart

But what if we could embrace our newfound individualism while agreeing upon some basic standards of decency?  You’ve heard of Black Tie, Business Casual, and Cocktail attire. We could call this new look COVID Casual.

I asked the Tulsa Moms Facebook group what COVID Casual looks they were rocking, and they did not disappoint. 

From our editorial team at Vogue: Coffee Nebula, here are the top COVID Casual looks for this season. 

1. Magical Masks

From N-95 Nouveau to Recycled T-Shirt Chic, by far the hottest look this season is the protective face mask. This is a look that says “I’ve got attitude,” and that attitude is “I care about you enough to not cough potentially deadly virus spit into your breathing holes.” The mask look will take you from queuing at Aldi next to that guy who won’t respect your space to socially distant front porch graduation parties and everything in between.  

Fb Img 1590511263855

Bron and Arrow in this season’s matching blues

Fb Img 1590511311810

Mo in Hero
Fb Img 1590511361961
Jessie in whatever the heck this is

2. Casual Cosplay

If you’re going to be all dressed up with no place to go, why not dress as your favorite character? 

Fb Img 1590511873482

Max in Purple Guy Cosplay

20200425 174608

Arthur and Lucy in Minimalist Medieval

Img 8418

Tara and Joss in Bowie-inspired makeup

3. Corona Flags

The economy may be down, but we can show the world our spirits remain high by ironically embracing today’s answer to Hoover Flags and turning our pockets inside out a la Back to the Future Part 2 like Daniel here. 

Fb Img 1590512111980

Daniel giving us Marty McFly’s kids time travel to Hooverville

4. Snuggie Sophisticate

Go all the way down to Cuddle Town with the ultimate summer look this season. From blankets to clothing made of blankets to blankets pretending to be clothing, we’ve seen it all this year on the runway. Just kidding, there is no runway, so wear literally whatever you want. 

Fb Img 1590512367206

Madison and Hazel Rhianna Grande Pooperdoodle in As Seen on TV Casual

Fb Img 1590512427973

Jazzi in knock-off KKWs.

Fb Img 1590512573530

Rebecca in Ralphie’s Christmas Nightmare Part Deux.

5. Sweatin’ to the Moldies

If a tree falls in the forest and then never makes it to the gym, does anyone give a flying flip? No, because they’re watching Netflix. Nothing says COVID Casual like a look that says “Will she or won’t she work out?” and then answers its own question with “Who cares?” 

Fb Img 1590513477462

Mo in Richard Simmons and the Temple of Laundry Room

This versatile look can take you from a car picnic to long walks through the semi-apocalyptic wasteland we once knew as Midtown and then back to literally doing nothing for hours while Cheetos collect on your chest. 

Fb Img 1590513158688

Madison and Bayleigh in Car Seat Fleek.

Fb Img 1590514521425

Jessie, Mo, and Kenz in socially distant streetwear

Pairs well with this season’s hottest accessory: attached children. 

Fb Img 1590513581316

Aspen accessorizing with Alexandria Dawn.

Fb Img 1590513030035

Kristine in mom sweats and barnacle-ized Emery

6. Chaotic Good

This stunning look gives us “Working from Home with Kids” and “It’s Noon and Mom’s Had Two Glasses of Wine.” Tutus, mismatched clothing, bare feet, dirt, underpants hats…anything goes. 

Fb Img 1590513511917

Dexter and Grayson for Calvin Klein’s Bare Feet and Bubbles.

Fb Img 1590513986254

Selene rocking whatever the heck she feels like wearing.

Fb Img 1590513487113

Chaotic cousins Slater, Beckham, and Willa wearing Suburban Decay

Fb Img 1590513469613

Baker in a spring flat cap repurposed from sister’s underpants.

Fb Img 1590514050264

Reagan giving us Red Dirt Realness

Now that you’ve had a run-through of this season’s hottest looks, it’s time to put your best COVID looks on the virtual runway of social media. That’s why I’m declaring next week COVID Casual Spirit Week to help lift everyone’s spirits and remind everyone that masks are hot and healthcare workers are on fire. 

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Follow this guide to celebrate your own inspired fashion week, imagine yourself getting introduced by Pray Tell everywhere you go, and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @coffeenebulakristi @tulsakids #covidcasual.

Thanks for reading, and as always, have a beautiful week in your little nebula!

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