Harvard (Ave.) Adventure

Visiting Love Me Two Times, Black Moth and More!

Joss and I recently spent a Saturday exploring Harvard Ave. between 21st and 11th streets in midtown Tulsa. I’d been following @lovemetwotimestulsa and @black.moth on Instagram but hadn’t stopped by either store. In need of a weekend adventure, I decided it was time to change that!

Love Me Two Times

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Love Me Two Times is a large vintage mall located at 1740 S. Harvard Ave. They opened this past spring. I’m so excited that there’s a massive antique mall so close to our house! It’s so large that even on a Saturday morning, it was easy to stay socially distanced from the other shoppers.

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And it’s educational, too! Joss learned what TVs and cameras used to look like, not to mention phones, projectors and more! He especially wanted a tiny red TV, but it was out of my budget. We did end up buying a “boxed phone,” which  is just what it sounds like. He was a little disappointed we didn’t set it up once we got home, ha.

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I’m not really a dog person, but was very tempted to buy this purse!

They also have a huge selection of vintage clothing and accessories. The whole back area of the store is full of wearable treasures! I walked away with a $5 bargain shirt. It had a hole in it, but that was easily mended.

Img 6112

If you have an owl collection, don’t miss this store. I didn’t fully appreciate how popular owls were back in the day, but every booth probably had at least one owl painting, figurine, etc.

Img 6119

This guy cracked me up!

Wrapping up, this would be a fun place to visit with kids of all ages. Find something unique for Valentine’s Day, set a budget and let them buy a souvenir, or turn your visit into a scavenger hunt!

Black Moth

Thanks to my husband, our family goes in for the creepy cute/slightly macabre aesthetic every now and then. As a “Natural History Store,” Black Moth is full of taxidermy and skulls – but also shells, rocks, feathers and other natural wonders! The shop is located at 1142 S. Harvard Ave.

Img 6120

If your child has a rock or shell collection, they’d probably love visiting Black Moth!

Img 6126 2

Joss loved the raccoon in a hat

My favorite thing in the store (besides the dried blow fish) was probably the feather bar. The feathers were so vibrant, and pretty cheap – so if you just wanted to get your child something pretty and fluffy, or if you were working on a floral arrangement for your home, this would be a great option.

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Joss and I enjoyed examining the skulls and talking about what kinds of animals they’d come from. Everything is clearly labeled so again, this is a great educational opportunity! But beyond all the odds and ends and treasures, we also loved our visit because the woman working there was so nice. Joss is big into inventions right now, so he spent quite a lot of time explaining his plans to build a secret lab under the store. And also a place to build amazing invention cars, which he will sell for just $9 each. The woman promised to be his first customer if he’d save one for her and really engaged with him! Then, she offered him a bag of teeny-tiny adorable starfish on the house!

Img 6124

Img 6128 2

Other Harvard Ave. Businesses

Next door to Black Moth is a mid-century modern furniture store. We’re not in the market for furniture, but it was still fun to see! They also have a small collection of vintage clothing.

We also paid a visit The Bead Merchant. I’d never been to their new location! Since it was nearing the end of a now-lengthy adventure, I was a little overwhelmed by all the bead options so didn’t stay long. Next time, we’ll have to go in with more of a plan!

If you’re looking for food, of course Big Al’s Healthy Foods is at 15th and Harvard. Perfect place for a smoothie or healthy wrap! And right next door is Animal Aid Thrift Store, if you need some additional shopping time 🙂

What’s your favorite Harvard business? Or do you have a favorite small business you think more people should know about? Tell us about it in the comments!

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