Happy New Year!

Before we begin, Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I’m that guy. Saying Happy New Year well into February is not unusual for me. I feel very blessed to be living another year and am happy to show it. If I have not personally seen you since 12/31/2021, then I am giving you a big “Happy New Year!” I have not purchased a 2022 calendar yet. I’m so cheap I wait till February when they are half off. I hang one in my kitchen and both kids’ bedrooms. I don’t write lots of to-do items on my hanging calendar, I have one in my office for that, but I enjoy marking off each day and ask my kids to keep marking their days off to help teach them the concept of time.


Do you have any new year’s resolutions? If so, how are they going? If not, why not? On my twitter feed I posted the question: “Do you have any new year’s resolutions?” 77% said, “No.” But 11% said “Not yet”! Lol

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I used to always have at least one new year’s resolution: trying to stay organized. They say if you can make your resolution more specific like, keep my calendar updated daily, then you are more likely to get results, which makes sense. Some years I would make a resolution but not start acting on it till February, hence the “not yet” option in my poll. So, to you 11%’ers, I’m with you!

Also, I have read that if you have a support group like, stay healthy/join a yoga group, that you will have better luck. So let me be your support group and keep me informed on how your resolution is going. I’ll give you some encouragement to stay strong!


This time next week I’ll be on the beach of Key West writing my article. I’ll include many pictures and videos. You can also follow along on my social media pages here:

I have never been to Florida so if you have, please give me some advice. The weather in Key West today is 81 degrees and sunny. In Tulsa, it’s partly cloudy and 39, so it obviously is a great time of year to go. I am going to report on a big ’80s “hair metal” festival. It’s the first of what the promoters plan to be an annual event. It’s called “ROKIsland Fest,” and it’s put on by the same folks that put on Rocklahoma.

It’s also the first time my son will fly on a plane! He turns 12 next month. He has never been on a plane, been to Florida, or seen the ocean, so yeah, a huge experience for us both. We will be there for almost a week! I talked about this festival before; the headliners are Bret Michaels (of Poison), Cheap Trick, Dee Snyder (of Twisted Sister), and Jackyl.

Here is their link for more information: www.ROKislandfest.com

I’ll be featuring many of the artists at ROKIsland Fest on my radio show tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. on 103.3 The Eagle. My show is called: The Lynn HAIRnandez Show!

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