Happy Halloween!

This has traditionally been one of my favorite times of the year with the weather finally cooling off, the colorful trees, football! and of course, Halloween. Please tell me some of your favorite Halloween costumes that you wore or someone you saw wore. I have been Ace Frehley of KISS more than once, which is fun, but the makeup starts to itch and drive me crazy. Share with me some pics of your costume this year and I may include those on my Facebook page. Or Meta page or whatever Mark Zuckerberg is calling it these days. Here is my link: (1) Lynn Hernandez | Facebook

This is circa October 2011:

Lynn Halloween 80s Glam Rocker Costume Circa 2011

Plus, just knowing the holidays are only a couple of weeks away. For the last 10 years or so I had 4 weeks of paid vacation and saved most of it for November and December. I’d usually take three extra days during Thanksgiving week and the second half of December off. Every year I’d end up going into the office a day or two during my vacation to take care of certain things, but it was nice to relax throughout the holidays and take care of holiday madness and visit my sister in Texas. But that is all different now. I’m grateful to be working, but now, I’ll be working straight through the holidays.

How has your life changed due to the Coronavirus?


As of this week, I now have two jobs. I don’t consider writing this TulsaKids Blog a “job” because I love it so much, but I have given up on trying to find a job that is aligned with my college degree and past 20- years-long career. So, I have taken up a job as a Lyft driver and a part-time employee at Amazon. I work in the new warehouse by TUL airport. The warehouse I work in is brand new. The paint on the walls is barely dry. We have not even had any packages circulating through it yet, so it’s exciting to be a part of something so new. I’ve worked with the same small group of radio DJs and salespeople for 16 years, so it’s nice to get to know some new folks and make some new friends. I won’t talk much about the specifics of what I am doing at Amazon TUL5 out of privacy, but just wanted to let you know what I am up to and how it affects being a dad. So far, when I told my kids I work at Amazon they said: “COOL!!” My son tried to steal my “TUL5 Amazonian” T-shirt. Lol

I’ve used Lyft many times as a patron, but now I am a driver. I’ve been doing it for a week and so far, it’s been OK. I’ve always been a people person, which is why being a radio DJ fits me so well. And I love my car, a 2016 Lincoln MKX, so driving around in it is fine by me. Also, I LOVE Tulsa, so I get to visit many neighborhoods that I’ve never been to before. And some I don’t care to again, which is OK because you can cancel any trips you’re not comfortable with. And you get to meet a plethora of different kinds of people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Some don’t talk when riding, which is fine with me, but others love to talk, which of course I’m all about! When two people are riding, I have found they like to just talk amongst themselves. I’ll have more “Stories from a Lyft driver” in future blogs, I’m sure.

My biggest concern is the same as you, gas prices. MAN, do I wish I had a Tesla now!! I love, love, love my Lincoln, but $40 to fill it up is a big chunk out of my bottom line. I’m not a math whiz (or even math non-whiz), but my rough estimates make me believe I am barely breaking even, or maybe just a bit over at the end of the day. It really all comes down to tips. So, tip your Uber or Lyft drivers!

I have been busy getting those two new things in my life up and running, so I decided not to pick a nonprofit to support this week only because when I do I like to give it my all. So PLEASE let me know a charity you are passionate about and perhaps they can have some space here in my blog.

Email me anytime for any reason: Lynn@Tulsa-Rocks.com

Dads Rock Halloween Pin

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