Family Travel to Kennedy Space Center

Take your kids to see a piece of history – and maybe have lunch with a NASA astronaut.
a father and two sons stand in front of the kennedy space center

Our visit to the Kennedy Space Center

In 1969 a riveting moment in history took place. Although only 5 years old, I remember it well. July 20, 1969 was a cool evening and a large group of family and friends huddled around a small television screen to witness one of humankind’s most impressive feats. Astronauts had stepped foot on the moon. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were the “Steve Jobs” of their time, holding a high level of admiration in the minds of the young and old alike.

Before your kids grow up, educating them about the cultural significance and impact of this moment and many other efforts put forth by NASA’s space program will likely leave a lasting impression on them—-to believe in what might seem impossible and to recognize that hope and dreams are vital to progress.

NASA’s primary space center and launch facility is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. And, a trip to The Kennedy Space Center enables the history of space flight to come alive with a bang. The complex is an out-of-this-world education and entertainment venue, affording an up-close and personal look at the complexities of space travel. Simulated launch rides, access to the innards of a real shuttle, views of retired mammoth rockets and even the chance to dine with a real live astronaut are all there for your enjoyment. Plus, hands-on activities, narrated group tours and 3-D IMAX movies provide further opportunities to explore and pay tribute to the space program.

Easy Access

We visited the complex in March 2011, following a Royal Caribbean Cruise to the Bahamas, which left from Florida’s Port Canaveral. The cruise line offered an excursion that tied in to our cruise itinerary.

The space center is located only an hour east of Orlando, so it might be a great side trip while visiting Disney World or Universal Studios. And, don’t forget, while in the Cape Canaveral area, there are lovely beaches to enjoy. Also, you can further highlight your jaunt by checking out the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and historic Cape Canaveral Lighthouse.

Visitor’s Passes

Kennedy Space Center offers several attractive visitors’ passes such as:*

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Admission Ticket

Visit the exciting Kennedy Space Center and learn everything about our travels in space. Tour Kennedy Space Center, see IMAX space movies, and view all of the exhibits and shows KSC has to offer. This tour also includes the Astronaut Hall of Fame and interactive space-flight simulators. From: $45.53

All-Access Space Pass

This is the ultimate ticket for visiting the exciting Space Center. Learn everything about our travels in space. Tour Kennedy Space Center, including the Astronaut Hall of Fame. You’ll have lunch with an astronaut. Also included is the Discover KSC: Today & Tomorrow guided tour. Do everything in one day, or split up your visit over two days within a 7-day period. From: $94.28

Discover KSC: Today & Tomorrow Tour & Visitor Complex Admission Ticket

Each guided Discover KSC: Today & Tomorrow tour is narrated by a space program expert, who shares in-depth and often little-known space facts during the 90-minute “mission” past the following areas: Space Shuttle Launch Pads A and B, The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), Shuttle Landing Facility, Crawler Transporter and Crawlerway. From: $67.79

Kennedy Space Center Tour from Orlando

Location: Orlando Duration: approximately 11 hours

Visit the exciting Kennedy Space Center and learn everything about our travels in space. This tour departs daily and includes transportation to and from Cape Canaveral, as well as admission to the complex. From: $98.95

Lunch with an Astronaut & Visitor Complex Admission Ticket

This is one of the most popular programs at the Space Center. “Lunch with an Astronaut” gives visitors a one-of-a-kind experience to meet a member of NASA’s Astronaut Corps and have their picture taken. This tour includes the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Admission Ticket. From: $72.02

So, the next time you think about taking a trip to sunny Florida, blast off to the Kennedy Space Center and don’t miss the chance to teach your kids about the allure and importance of the space age. After all, less than 50 years ago, space travel was merely a dream. Let’s not let it appear that it has become even remotely ordinary.

*all details and descriptions of visitors passes drawn directly from, as of October 12, 2011

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