Family-Friendly Travel to Utah

Go out on a limb! Go to the edge! Go ahead and join the growing group of family travelers who are hunting for more than a sighting of Cinderella at Disney’s Magic Kingdom or the easy enjoyment of a prefabricated lagoon pool at an all-inclusive resort.

In recent years, Chris Doyle, vice president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association told USA Today, “In travel, people are increasingly seeking the authentic unique experiences that stretch the imagination and create potent memories that last a lifetime.”
Doyle also states, “Some families (including multigenerational) are forgoing theme parks and all-inclusive resorts for more genuine, nature-based, cultural, and education and learning excursions.”
Recognizing the traveler’s desire to seek physically and sometimes emotionally challenging expeditions, Tulsans Trevor Hudgeons and Sean Jackson joined forces and, in 2010, started their own travel company with the intent of exposing people to alternative vacations. Their company, Bonvoy Adventure Travel, has been growing by leaps and bounds (no pun intended) ever since.
Trevor and Sean create trips that combine outdoor fitness with nature within the state of Oklahoma and into the surrounding regions, including Arkansas and Utah. They also plan trips for people who want to venture to exotic places outside of the United States. These outdoor adventures can be individualized, depending on what the family wants to do, how long they have to do it, and where they would like to go. Besides being unique and challenging, adventure vacations can get families away from the all-consuming electronic world and out in to the all-inviting natural world. The great outdoors serves as a breeding ground for learning, exploration and family bonding.
“Our trip was everything I expected and more,” Brock Moltsau, from Lawton, said. “Hands down one of the greatest weekends I’ve had and hopefully the start of many more to come in Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.”
From climbing, hiking, kayaking and fly-fishing classes to treks as far away as the Caribbean and Veracruz, Bonvoy brings adventure to families while taking away the hassle and worry that can accompany outdoor expeditions. Trevor and Sean make adventures so easy and convenient that all you really need to do is show up. Referring to themselves as “Adventure Ambassadors,” Bonvoy’s staff does all the legwork and preparation tailored to a specific expedition. And, if you are a novice, they are capable of training and accommodating nearly all skill levels.
“As a beginner,” Brock said, “I learned all of the basics from our knowledgeable and professional guide, Sean, and now I have the necessary skills to begin learning more on my own.”
Ken Walker, another Bonvoy vacationer, agreed. “As the guide leading us through trails, rock climbing, mountain biking and rappelling, Sean was patient not expecting our abilities to measure up to his,” he said. “Trevor as camp host saw to it that our needs were more than met. From choosing the perfect scenic location of the campsite to scouting out the beautiful locations of our activities, they were the adventure vacation experts they claim to be.”
To learn more about Bonvoy Adventure Travel, visit or call 918.574.8710.
Bonvoy Adventure Travel brings new meaning to “all-inclusive.” Their vacation pricing scenarios include:
• Tents, camping gear and air mattresses
• Transportation (except airfare)
• All meals and food
• Guides and guide fees
• Camp hosts
• Group activities
• All trip specific adventure gear


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