100 degrees on September 1st? Meteorologist James Aydelott of Fox 23 says if it reaches 100 today, it will be the first September 1st to do so since 2012.

I lived in Texas for 13 years. When I moved to Oklahoma, I thought, at least now I can enjoy more of the four seasons. In Austin it’s like a super-hot summer for 6 months, then mild fall, then back to super-hot summer. In Tulsa, it’s nice to enjoy cooler weather and even snow most years. Not sure about this year though? If it keeps going like this, you won’t be able to wear that awesome inflatable dinosaur costume because you’ll roast. #StayCool!!

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Me and my twin sister, Lynda

ROCKLAHOMA (yes, again)

In my previous blogs leading up to this weekend, I talk about how involved I have been with Rocklahoma going all the way back to the very first year of 2007. And every year since. This year is a bit different since I’m not a radio DJ on KMOD anymore, so I won’t be perched in my usual location along “radio row.” It was so much fun to greet fans because they can watch you as you do your radio show. They got to see a bit behind the curtain of how radio is done. However, this year I’ll be more in the crowd and on stage. I am the official host of the DEB Concert Stage in the “Roadhouse” section of Rocklahoma. If you’re going this weekend, please come find me. I created my own social media network to highlight all things that make Tulsa Rock and of course, Rocklahoma is included in that.

Here is the link to my Facebook page where you can watch my various videos from Rocklahoma:  

Just a heads up on my videos, um… watch them after the kids have gone to bed. If you’ve never been, it’s a ton of fun. Sometimes, a bit too much fun?

Rocklahoma weekend began in 2007 in mid-July, and it was a five-day-long concert weekend!! Then three years later it moved to Memorial Day weekend and scaled back to a three-day weekend. Every year I meet people from out of state that plan their annual vacation around Rocklahoma. It’s so nice to see these people come back and catch up like old friends. There are always smiles grinning from ear to ear. Don’t get me wrong, there always seems to be some Rocklahoma Drama on standby ready to pounce, but it’s usually pushed back in its cage quickly.

Here are some more videos and pictures of Rocklahoma, the ones I can show you!

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We need more people in this world like Jason Polk. He lives in Pryor, Oklahoma. He is not a veteran, he is a simple home renovator. But this year he bought a small handful of Rocklahoma wristbands to give to veterans. He has a campsite at Rocklahoma. Like many, he has given his campsite a theme. Some have Mardi Gras themes, some are Zombies, and lucky for us he has decided to dedicate his camp to military veterans. If you are or know a veteran, click on this link to find out how you can register for a free wristband to Rocklahoma. ALSO, if you can give to his cause, click also. This will help him continue to give free tickets to American military veterans. He can use your ticket if you can’t. He can certainly use any $$ you can donate to buy more tickets to Rocklahoma for 2022.

Here is the link on Facebook to Jason Polk: (4) Camp ROK-A-VET | Facebook

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Jason Polk

Rocklahoma Lineup

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Dads Rock Summer End Pin

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