Christmas Fun 2021:

Philbrook Festival, Rhema Lights and Cookie Baking!

As with Thanksgiving, I’m totally unprepared for the Christmas season. But we’ve been keeping busy taking advantage of all the holiday fun Tulsa offers! Below, I’ll share info about some of our top picks. And find even more options in TulsaKids’ Holiday Family Fun Guide, sponsored by Victory Christian School!

Philbrook Festival

Philbrook Festival returns on select evenings through December 24. As with last year, Festival Nights are outdoors only. I didn’t realize this until we were there and I tried to go inside. Whoops! So you’ll have to attend during the day to enjoy the Lego village and gorgeous decorations.

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On Festival Nights, you can visit with Santa, see spectacular light displays and roast marshmallows over fire pits! They also sell hot chocolate, beer, wine, etc.

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The best part for me was watching Joss watch the lights 🙂

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Learn more at You have to reserve time spots. We tried to go again last weekend, and while tickets were still available, they weren’t until later in the evening. So reserve your tickets asap. Also, when we left, there were several empty spots in the parking lot. So while parking is still available along the neighborhood roads, check the lot as long as no one’s there saying it’s full!

Rhema Lights

This was an unexpected adventure! Because the ticket times didn’t work out for returning to Philbrook Festival last weekend, we ended up heading to Rhema Lights! I haven’t been here in YEARS, and Joss had never been – mainly because I avoid the highways as much as possible, which is 99% of the time. But a friend wanted to go and offered to drive, so of course we said yes 🙂

Img 9465

The Rhema Lights turn on at 5:30, and we parked around 5:28. Two minutes later, we got to see the dark landscape light up instantaneously! And I’m still kicking myself for not getting a video of the transition. It was so cool!

Img 9471

The sun hadn’t quite gone down at that point, but it was lovely. And it was fully dark by the time we left. I think we probably spent 30-45 minutes walking around, so we were home by 6:30 p.m. Although there are 3-million-plus lights, it didn’t take a long time to see everything. As a parent with a young child, I appreciated the short evening.

Img 9481

Admission to Rhema is free, although they take donations. There are also concessions – popcorn, hot chocolate, cotton candy – available for purchase. The lights are on nightly through January 2, 2022, 5:30 -11:30 p.m. Learn more at

Christmas Cookies!

The Get Cooking column for our December magazine is all about baking Christmas cookies! After a Chex Mix failure (it’s possible) on Saturday, I decided to bake cookies for neighbors instead. It seemed like there was less of a chance for error, as I’ve done more baking than Chex Mix-ing!

Img 9575

So on Sunday afternoon, I baked Cinnamon Crackle Cookies, Chocolate-Orange Biscotti and Christmas Monster Cookies. I’d say they’re all winners, although for the Christmas Monster Cookies, I’d prefer to use a tried-and-true oatmeal cookie recipe or more traditional monster cookie recipe (if peanuts aren’t an issue).

Img 9576

Packed them up in this cute Tupperware from Target, along with a unicorn hot chocolate packet that I found at Reasor’s. They were right at the check-out aisle, and they totally caught me.

Img 9581

Thank goodness I had leftovers!

Up next on our holiday fun list – returning to Philbrook on Thursday with friends. And hopefully sometime during the day! Joss’s school is also hosting a holiday market this Saturday, around the time of the Tulsa Christmas Parade. Maybe we can fit in both?!

What fun activities have you done this holiday season? Which are you still looking forward to? Feel free to share in the comments!

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