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Welcome to our Coffee Nebula! We’re the Roe-Owen family, a family of creative, fun-loving geeks with a deep love of tomfoolery. I’m Kristi, a full-time writer and blogger. When I’m not writing for TulsaKids, I’m binging Hulu or Netflix for my dream job writing about all things TV and film over at Looper. Join our family’s weird and awesome adventures. Roll call:

  • Arthur, age 14, lowkey goth, artist, pop culture wizard, and pescatarian
  • Noah, age 14, Lego engineer, car aficionado, and autism ambassador
  • Lucy, age 10, anime lover, furry, animator, and aspiring writer
  • Justin, age fortysomething, feature writer for SlashGear, closet Trekkie, Dad joke connoisseur, ride or die

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