“Black Friday,” November 26, 2021

Walmart? Today?

Yep, I did it. I have only been to Walmart on Black Friday one other time. Both today and last time were because my son really wanted to go. The first time was about 5 years ago. It was much more hectic than today. Last time it was so packed that Walmart had designated lines for people that were paying with a CC and those that were paying with cash. And the line stretched waaaaaaay inside the store, almost to the very back. Our wait in line was an hour. But today?

Below is a video of our experience today. You can tell the pandemic certainly still has a hold on our economy. There were more people in the store than this time last year but nothing like I remember 5 years ago. In fact, it was a pretty normal day. We went to our neighborhood Walmart at Admiral and Memorial. It’s the worst Walmart I’ve been in. Alas, it’s the closest one to our house. In the video, I explain why I dislike it so much. However they have the coolest pharmacist. I’ve known him for years. I’ve even seen him hanging out at my usual watering hole, Cimarron Bar.

Tackling Walmart on Black Friday today was pretty painless. Except for having to tell my 11-year-old ten times over and over that this is the time of year we buy for others, not ourselves. We got in, moved around the store with ease, and got out quickly. In fact, no line at all at the register. I haven’t had cable TV for months, but I don’t recall seeing many ads hyping up crazy low prices like in the past. And I didn’t see any in the stores either. Perhaps they are waiting for Cyber Monday, IDK. But here is the video of my son, Atticus, and I at Wally World this morning. Also, here is a picture of my son giving the Salvation Army Bell Ringer a dollar. We were waiting in the Customer Service line when he walked up to the counter.

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We get so busy fitting in so many things around the holidays that even the nearest and dearest to our hearts can get passed over. For those lucky enough to have a job you may be even more stressed. I had to work on Thanksgiving, something I’ve not had to do in 20 years. However, I am very blessed to have a job, this I am cognizant of. The work was super easy since there wasn’t much work to do, but man, those last couple hours seemed to last twice as long.

But with that, plus trying to fit in time with my two kids (from two different moms) I was shocked when I realized at the end of the night, falling asleep in bed, that I hadn’t talked to any of my family outside of Oklahoma. I have family in Ohio and Texas, and we were group texting during the (horrible) Dallas Cowboys game, but none of us picked up the phone to talk to each other. They all have families and jobs, too, so I’m not trying to lay blame on anyone here, I’m just saying that I am regretful for not calling any on them. My dad is getting up there in age and isn’t on the phone most of his waking hours like he was 15 years ago. He was the one to make calls to our other siblings and “talk turkey” with them then say: “Son, hold the line….” then pass the phone around to everyone else in the room so we’d all have a few minutes of chit-chat.

Anyway, I am going to wrap this up, and guess what? Call my family and tell them I miss them and love them like I should’ve done yesterday!


Big SHOUT OUT to Joe Salsgiver from Elite Detailing in Owasso. He asked his social media followers to reply with nominations of families in need and he ended up with over 70 submissions. That’s another indication this pandemic is still damaging our economy. He treated two families in the Tulsa area to a full Thanksgiving Day Feast! 

One family (in Tulsa) was a husband that lost his job due to pandemic cutbacks, and his son has health issues. The other family was in Owasso. It’s an elderly couple who recently began caring for their four grandchildren. They were already on a fixed income so with many more mouths to feed they were very grateful and tearful when the food was delivered.

Joe wanted to not only do it out of the kindness of his heart BUT also to inspire others to do the same, so….

I’m looking at YOU! 😊


My video-podcast, which supports non-profits and local small businesses, will be doing a “Friday Night Live” broadcast tonight at Lennies Club and Grill on I-44 and Harvard. I’ll be there tonight with some fun giveaways and selling my Tulsa Rocks T-shirts and hats. That money will go to support my podcast and help me give back to the community.

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Dads Rock Black Friday

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