Arcadia Round Barn and Pops 66

A quick, end-of-summer day trip

A couple weeks ago, Joss was asking to go back to Pops 66. Apparently it made quite an impression, since the last time we visited was spring 2019! That time, we were headed to Oklahoma City for the weekend. This time, our destination was just Pops 66, but we swung by the Arcadia Round Barn as well. It’s practically across the street, and admission is free, so it was fun to go inside for the first time!

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Four-year-old Joss ready to hit the road for his first Pops 66 experience

Pops 66

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Located in Arcadia, Oklahoma, Pops 66 is a key Route 66 attraction. Not only does it have an impressive, 66-foot-tall pop bottle sculpture outside the entrance, inside you’ll find a rainbow of soda options lining the walls and for sale. Plus, they have old-fashioned candy, merch and snacks for sale. And if you have time to make a slightly longer stop, a diner serving up a variety of burgers, shakes, breakfast, etc.

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We each picked out two types of soda. Pink lemonade, watermelon, blackberry, strawberry rhubarb, black cherry and horchata were the flavors we decided to try!

Joss had nachos and a delicious caramel shake for lunch. I tried one of the burgers made with a veggie patty, which was very good. I’m trying to be somewhat vegan (due to high cholesterol), so I was grateful for that option. Although it still had feta cheese on it 🙂

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Pops is also a gas station, so if you need to fuel up, you can do that there as well.

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Arcadia Round Barn

We’d passed the Arcadia Round Barn on our previous Oklahoma City expedition, but hadn’t gone inside. It’s totally worth a visit if you have time! It doesn’t take long to tour, and as mentioned before, admission is free. (Although they do appreciate donations!) The barn is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

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In the bottom of the barn, you can purchase anything from merch to used books to antiques, used clothing, rose rocks and more. There are also historical artifacts both inside and outside, such as old farm equipment.

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These books reminded me of my grandfather

One of the real treats about visiting the Round Barn is heading upstairs to see the beautiful dome interior! According to the barn’s website: “It was built by local farmer William Harrison Odor in 1898 using native bur oak boards soaked while green and forced into the curves needed for the walls and roof rafters.” Impressive!

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View from the loft

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There are also clean, modern restrooms – as well as an old outhouse for decoration.

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All in all, this was a fun day trip! It’s about 1 hour and 20 minutes to Pops 66 from Tulsa if you take the fast way. Have you visited Pops and the Arcadia Round Barn?

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