Apology to Judith Barba

Some in the Latinx community have called me out for being racist in my blog about Judith Barba, an accomplished woman who has contributed much to the Tulsa community.

I can see why the criticism is leveled at me, and I apologize for my words, which were badly chosen. I thank those who have contacted me about this.

I can only say that racism was not my intent. However, as a white person, I do realize that being part of a white dominant culture means that racism is always present, and I must be vigilant in working through my own biases and prejudices.

That is work that I have been aware of and obviously continue to do.

I apologize for my offensive words.

In the future, I will:

  • Continue to study, read and talk to those who can help me learn
  • I am reaching out to Ms. Barba to listen to her
  • Continue to bring marginalized voices into TulsaKids
  • Remove the offending post
  • Commit myself to correcting my offenses and welcome those who will hold me accountable

Please accept my sincere apology.

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