An interview with Tulsa Changemaker Helia Alirezadolabi

Turn and face the strange” = David Bowie, 1971

“Times makin’ changes, times makin’ changes in my life
Times rearranging, changing you and me” – Tesla, 1986

Both songs and just about any way you write about “Changes,” it seems to always go back to the fact that you can’t stop changes, they’re inevitable. Whether we want to or not, we change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes the worse.

Seize the power to make the change for the better! What a great mantra to try and teach others, especially the young. That’s exactly what Tulsa Changemakers is attempting to do. They are an after-school program for Tulsa and Union Public Schools students. Their goal is to develop leadership skills and encourage youth to give back to their fellow students and/or community.

Here is a Changemaker named Helia Alirezadolabi. She is a freshman at McLain High School.

What is Tulsa Changemakers?

Tulsa Changemakers is an opportunity for young people of any age, elementary, middle, or high school, to make a change in their communities for the better. 

What is your cohort’s community impact project, and how/why did you all choose it? 

Our McLain High School cohort’s project is to bring awareness to mental health. In doing so, we came up with a school wide Wellness Week. By conducting listening campaigns, we acknowledged that our community is conservative towards seeking help for mental health and we wanted to normalize that help.

What does your impact project mean to you?

Our project is very dear to me because I’ve noticed multiple individuals in our community show symptoms of being neurodivergent but are most likely unaware because of the stigma around it. As a result, they shy away from getting help and being diagnosed. 

What have you learned from the Changemakers process, and how is it impactful or making a difference?

I have learned many skills from being a Changemaker, including how to interview community members and how to promote events. Our project has made others in our community think more about mental health, and I would call that a success in spreading awareness.

Their Mission:

“Empower promising youth leaders to drive positive impact in Tulsa now and in the future.” 

I encourage you to deep dive a bit more and find out how you can help. Below is their website and a YouTube video on some of their activities:


  • This afternoon, I am donating blood with Oklahoma Blood Institute. Watch for the live video on my Facebook. The link is above. Please donate blood before Christmas. You’ll help save THREE lives when you do. Remember, SANTA’S WATCHING! 

Here is their link:

  • Tonight, the kids and I are driving through a Christmas Drive Thru at Tulsa Pop Kids

Here is the link for more info: 

  • HUGE Rocklahoma news! It’s official, it will be Labor Day Weekend again and perhaps indefinitely. 

Here is their website:

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