All Day Play at Cinergy!

Gang, I usually post pics and write about my experiences in my blog, but today I want to tease an upcoming event at Cinergy, which is a multi-entertainment facility that includes many of the latest video games, a bowling alley and movie theater. It is located on the Southwest corner of Memorial and 71st behind HuHot Mongolian Grill.

I’ve been to Cinergy many times, but I’m so excited that this time they have given my family passes to attend this incredible “All Access Day, All Day Play” event! It is this Sunday, April 9. I’ll take some pics and upload them to my social media on Sunday.

I’m dying to see Dungeons and Dragons! Or maybe we will watch Super Mario Bros. We are definitely going to do some bowling, Virtual Reality and video games! Also, I’m a master at air hockey, so come play me, if you dare.

For only $25 you can go 😜 for a full day straight! They are open from 10:00 am to Midnight!

As I said, my kids and I have been there many times, and I have to tell you one of the coolest things is their food service while you’re watching a movie. I remember the first week that they were open. We went to see a movie, and I sat down in our seats and then got up to go get popcorn and pop and candy. I walked all over the place but could not find their concession stand. And do you know why this was so? Because they don’t have one!

I asked a person who worked there where to get popcorn and such, and they said that there is a button by your chair in the movie theater.  You push the button, they come to your seat, kneel down and whisper to you, “What can I get for you?”

It was the coolest thing ever!! You order whatever you want, and they bring it right to you. Now, if they can only figure out how to hook up a toilet to your seat, we will be good to go! 😂

Here’s some of the details:

“CINERGY ALL-ACCESS” DAY“CINERGY ALL-ACCESS” DAYOn April 9, Cinergy is offering its Elite Rewards Members a $25 all-access pass at its Tulsa location to choose their own adventure with a full day of arcadevideo, and VR games, any two movies of the guest’s choice during any showtime, AXE throwingescape rooms, and bowling!!

*Note some restrictions may apply.

Becoming an Elite Rewards Member is free of charge. Simply go to and enjoy instant perks including “Cinergy All-Access” Day!

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