4 (More) Days of Awesome!

Four Days of Awesome are left at Tulsa State Fair. Tuesday night I sat in the Dunk Tank raising money for Safari Joe’s Exotic Wildlife Rescue. I’m going to do it again Thursday, Oct. 7, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For $5 you get 4 chances to watch me scream like a baby while falling to a watery death. Not really. Well, not the “death” part. Each week I choose a different non-profit to support either by a monetary donation or volunteer hours, or both. This week, both. I encourage you to join me! No, you don’t need to get in the dunk tank, but I’d love if you either came out for a chance to dunk me at the fair or make a $ donation here: Safari Joe’s Exotic Wildlife Rescue | United States (safarijoeswildliferescue.org)


Have you ever sat in a dunk tank? Me either. I doubt I will ever again so tonight is your last chance to see me do it. It was cold!! Something about they didn’t have an extension cord long enough for the heater. But! They assured me since Lowe’s is right across the street that I shouldn’t need to worry about hypothermia. There was also a hint of turtle pee in the water after the first time I got dunked last night. By my son, THANKS Atticus! Yep, they put a bunch of turtles in the dunk tank during the day. I was told this just hours before and was given the option to back out. However, since I had already announced on my podcast and scheduled a Facebook Event that I was going to be there, I was determined to go through with it. I just needed to make sure there were no turtle turds in there before my first dunk. Lol, it was all good, I had fun, and those that got to dunk me got some great TikTok videos! Most importantly, it’s for a great cause, so I hope you can donate also. We raised over $200, so my goal is to beat that tonight. Also during the fair, you can save some money and purchase 2022 season passes now.

The fair was fun, although my son and I hardly left the Safari Joe’s area. We wandered around to sit in a $3,000 swinging chair from Jack Wills and gazed upon the super awesome playscape set-ups. We did not get any food… I know! Go to the fair and not get any Moink Balls? We didn’t have time but will definitely make time tonight. 

Img 3149

Img 3144

Dirty Honey

These guys are performing on the Oklahoma Stage tonight at the fair. They are a new band from Los Angeles that recently formed, but their sound travels back three decades. Summoning up the likes of Axl Rose, Joe Perry, and Tommy Lee, they write songs that are right up my ’70s Garage Rock & ’80s Hair Metal alley. Should be rock’n! I’ll be with my two kids, ages 7 and 11. They were a bit overwhelmed with P.O.D., but Dirty Honey is more danceable, so the kids and I will be rocking out before hitting some games, rides, and Indian Tacos. OH! One thing you NEED to check out at Tulsa State Fair is something I had never seen, and that is “water jet guy”! It’s surprising how high he jets up in the air from hydropower! He makes me envious that I don’t have one. Plus, they make it really fun for the kids and will get them wet if they want, and you, too.

Keep Truckin’

On a podcast note, my “Tulsa Rocks” video-podcast will be at Emersumnice Brewery on Main in Owasso tomorrow night. The owner, Donnie, and his beautiful better-half, Jen, are a big part of Oktoberfest, which will be Saturday afternoon on Main in Owasso. I will be there both Friday to hype it up and also Saturday, so look for some video on my Tulsa Rocks Facebook page here:  (1) Tulsa Rocks with Lynn Hernandez | Facebook

If you’ve not been, it’s a great hang. The beer and food are fantastic. Plus, a wonderful addition to the ever-growing and trendy Main Street area of Owasso! Here is the website for Emersumnice Brewery: Emersumnice Brewery – Owasso’s own local brewery!

And then, Saturday night I will be at SpeakEasy on 19th & Sheridan, across from Furniture Row. I’ll be there at 9:00 pm giving you your first chance to buy my new Tulsa Rocks Trucker hat, while they last! I was surprised how fast the first batch went, and I’ve had many asking when I’ll get more, so here you go! Plus, they have a cool collectible Halloween color scheme! 

SpeakEasy is a cozy neighborhood bar in Midtown. Here is their Facebook link: (3) Speakeasy | Facebook

Here’s my son modeling the new Tulsa Rocks hats:

Dads Rock Hat

Dads Rock 4 Days Pin

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